I’m just sitting here in a cozy sweatshirt, sipping a matcha latte…

and getting amazing deals on some of my happy, healthy and hot faves.


Because why go to the mall and deal with the crowds?

Here’s where I’ll be shopping instead…

Annmarie Skincare offers amazing skincare that is organic and wildcrafted, and leaves your skin soft and glowing.  If you’ve been following happy, healthy and hot for awhile you’ve seen my rave reviews.  I love everything I have tried.  Some of my personal favorites are the Aloe Herb Cleanser, Ayurvedic Scrub and Anti Aging Serum.

Starting today, and running through Thursday, December 1, you can get 25% off their entire line (excluding gift cards and sample sets).  This is a great way to load up on the products you are already using, or to try something new.  Here’s the link to shop…be sure to use the code “LetItGlow” to take advantage of the savings!!!

Annmarie Skincare Black Friday Sale

Another product I am always raving about is Alpine Pure Oil from Telluride Glow.  They are offering 15% off AND free shipping through Monday.  I use this potent blend of plant oils every night before bed and love the results!  Alpine Pure Oil can be used anywhere…I love to use it for oil cleansing when I travel, and it makes the ends of my hair really shiny. You need to use the code “happyhealthyandhot” to take advantage of this offer.  Here’s the link to shop:

Telluride Glow

I’ve been obsessed with 100% Pure ever since I tried their Vanilla Bean Body Lotion…it smells like something from Bath and Body Works, minus all the chemical crap!  Since then, I have branched out to use many of their makeup products, and their awesome shampoos and conditioners (Honey Virgin Coconut is the best for my dry ends!)

100% Pure is offering 20 gifts for $10 each.  There are some great products here including their amazing mascara, a hand butter set, and their best selling Coffee Bean Eye Cream. Some of these products retail for $30-$40, so they are going quickly.  You need to spend $35 on regular priced merchandise to unlock the sale.  This ends on Tuesday, November 29.  Here’s the link to shop:

100% Pure 20 gifts for $10

So go ahead and brave the crowds if that’s your thing.  I’ll be here in my sweatshirt, sipping a matcha latte!

Oh, and about that matcha latte…it’s so easy!  Just throw all this stuff in the blender, and blend on high till it’s frothy.  One cup of very hot water, one teaspoon matcha powder, one tablespoon of coconut oil, one scoop of collagen peptides and a natural sweetener to taste.  I use a liquid vanilla stevia.

Matcha is loaded with antioxidants, the coconut oil gives your metabolism a boost, and the collagen firms your skin and is great for hair and nails.  The perfect happy, healthy and hot beverage!

Can doing your Black Friday Shopping from home help you stay happy, healthy and hot?  Sure it can, if you are buying products like the ones I’ve mentioned!

Shopping from the comfort of home makes me happy.  Especially when I’m supporting companies that are socially conscious and producing great natural products.  These products are completely free of the synthetic colors, fragrances and preservatives found in your typical department store and drugstore brands, so they are very healthy.  And if you are buying some for yourself, you’ll have gorgeous glowing skin and you will smell amazing…very hot!


Annmarie Gianni 25% off   Use the code “LetItGlow”

Telluride Glow 15% off and free shipping   Use the code “happyhealthyandhot”

100% Pure 20 gifts for $10  Go through link to shop…spend $35 on regular price merchandise to get the sale prices

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides (mixed into my matcha to firm up my skin and strengthen my nails!)




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