Pimped Guacamole…

is what caught my attention.  I mean, don’t we all want to pimp up our guac?

The Paleo Primer:  A Second Helping is loaded with recipes like Pimped Guac.  Quick, easy, amazing for you, and with fun, catchy names.  I was hooked the first time I paged through this new book from Primal Blueprint Publishing.

This book is a follow up to The Paleo Primer:  A Jump-Start Guide to Losing Body Fat and Living Primally, which I have not read (yet!)


Keris Marsden and Matt Whitmore, the authors, have a fresh, fun approach to healthy eating.  It doesn’t hurt that she is gorgeous and he is a totally hot.  And wearing a sleeveless shirt in most of the pics.

Keris and Matt coined the term “Fitter Food” which they describe as “Paleo-ish.”   Their focus is on meat, fish, poultry, fruits, veggies, nut, seeds and herbs and spices.  In other words, real, whole food. They include high quality dairy in some of their recipes.  In the first section of the book there is a great diagram showing the best choices to make when consuming dairy products.

They also believe that there should be room in your diet for a little of “whatever you fancy.”  (Keris and Matt are from the UK…I would never think to use the word “fancy” in that way, but I think it’s adorable.)

The first part of the book outlines their approach to health in an upbeat, entertaining way. I love Chapter 2, where they dispel some common myths about nutrition.  Myths like “fat makes you fat” and “all calories are created equal.”

Another great section is Chapter 4, “The Fitter Food Journey.” This outlines baby steps to healthier eating for people starting from ground zero.

The Paleo Primer:  A Second Helping includes recipes for breakfast items, lunch and dinner entrees, snacks and even desserts.  Most of the recipes are simple and pretty adaptable.


A number of the breakfast and snack recipes include protein powder.  I appreciate the way Keris and Matt give a list of high quality protein powders that the recommend.  While I am all for eating whole food as much as possible, a good protein powder can be a real time saver.  And Protein Peppermint Thins and Chocolate Protein Loaf sound pretty good!

One recipe I couldn’t wait to try was the Tomato, Caper and Olive Salmon.  Not only was this delicious, it couldn’t have been any easier.  You literally dump all of the ingredients except the salmon in a baking dish, mix them up, add the salmon, and bake.  Highly recommend!

So, can The Paleo Primer:  A Second Helping help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  For sure!

You will be happy reading such an entertaining book.  The entire book is about being healthy.  And there is a great diagram on page 6 that illustrates how following the principals outlined in the book can give you a healthy body composition, awesome energy and a clear complexion…very hot!


The Paleo Primer:  A Second Helping

The Paleo Primer:  A Jump-Start Guide to Losing Body Fat and Living Primally

Primal Blueprint Publishing   Receive a 25% discount on any combination of books when you buy 3 or more!  Price will be reflected in the cart.







2 thoughts on “Pimped Guacamole…

  1. That salmon sounds great, another food book for my wishlist! Very funny what you say about “fancy” – many years ago I visited Chicago, the waiter thought it was funny that I said “I fancy trying that one” (I may have been ordering margaritas). We speak the same language, but we don’t.

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  2. I have so many food books on my wishlist, Tanya! And what I really wish for is more time to read them and try everything. The salmon was the easiest thing ever. I never thought to pair it with tomato sauce, but it totally worked. I am crazy for capers and olives so the recipe caught my eye immediately. You are right about the language thing…I love how the same words can be used so differently 😀


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