She had me at Duran Duran.

I’m talking about Mel Joulwan, the creator of the new cookbook Well Fed Weeknights.


Not only is this book chock-full of recipes that sound amazing, and are dairy and grain free, I love Mel’s down to earth writing style.  

She mentions that she loves Duran Duran several times, and says “”Lucky Star” Madonna is the best Madonna.”

I couldn’t agree more.  Totally love Mel, not just for her writing style, but her approach to cooking, food, and life.

Mel says that all of the recipes in this book can be prepared in 45 minutes or less.  Some go much faster. They are not only quick, they are unique and creative.

If you are primal or paleo, following a Whole30, gluten free and/or dairy free, these recipes are compliant.  (In a few cases, she notes a minor modification that may need to be made if you are following a strict Whole30.)

But you don’t need to have any dietary restrictions to use this book.  You just have to like good food!  Like Chinese BBQ Pork Meatballs with Snap Peas.  Or Tex-Mex Skillet.  Or Green Goddess Salad.  I could go on and on.

There are so many things to love about this book.  While the recipes are designed to be thrown together quickly, without any prep work, Mel also gives detailed directions on how to prep a bunch of basic ingredients on a Sunday so you have a head start on some meals throughout the week.  She calls this a cook up.

Mel also mentions possible variations to each recipe, such as changing the protein, or switching out seasonings to give it a different twist.  There are also tons of good tips that come in handy in the kitchen.  She makes her salad dressings in a wide mouth mason jar with a stick blender.  Then you just need to put on a lid and keep it in the fridge.

Some of the recipes were inspired by Mel’s travels.  Even though they sound exotic, they use ingredients that can be found at any well stocked grocery store.

There are also recipes that she refers to as The Food Court…inspired by takeout and food trucks.  But without the crappy ingredients.

I have only had this book a few days and I am loving it.  The first recipe I tried was Curry Tuna Salad, simply because I had all the ingredients.  I wasn’t sure how I would like raisins, curry powder and slivered almonds in my tuna, but it was amazing.  The only change I made was using Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Mayo, rather than making the mayo from scratch.

Curried tuna salad…was so good with apple slices!!!

I also tried Hoisin Shrimp, which was in the Velvet Stir Fry section.  Mel gives detailed instructions on how to make a stir fry that tastes like take out, and then lists many different combinations of ingredients to try.  The shrimp was delicious…definitely better than any stir fry I have ever attempted to make. It was also fast and clean up was easy.

Some of the ingredient lists may look a little intimidating, but it is typically a lot of spices.  As long as you gather everything ahead of time, these recipes will come together very quickly.  Some recipes I am planning to try soon include Moroccan Steak Salad with Fig & Pistachio Dressing and Chinese Chicken Salad.

I‘ll probably be posting pics of those items on Instagram, so if you’re not following me you should be!  You can find me @resnickelizabeth.

Mel is so cool that she sent me this PDF to share with you…a preview of the book.  I know you will love it as much as I do!  Just reading the table of contents will make you want to get your hands on this book! Here you go:

Well Fed Weeknights 30 page sampler

Well Fed Weeknights is being released November 1.  But you can preorder it now, before you start going crazy with holiday prep.   

And by preordering, you get a ton of free bonuses…you have to check it out!

Here is the link to preorder:

Preorder Well Fed Weeknights

So of course you need to know…can Well Fed Weeknights help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Absolutely!

You will be happy eating such delicious food that came together so quickly.  Eating this way removes many inflammatory foods, which can keep you healthy and help you lose weight.  In my own personal experience, cutting back on inflammatory foods improved my skin tremendously.  And with that great skin and healthy body, you’ll be very hot!


Well Fed Weeknights

Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Mayo

Thrive Market  While the ingredients are all available at well stocked grocery stores, a membership in Thrive Market is a great way to save on non-perishable ingredients that are called for in these recipes, particularly the spices.



5 thoughts on “She had me at Duran Duran.

  1. Oh, more delicious food. I often make a chinese meatball recipe and put in bone broth and veg or make it Thai style with chilli, lime and coconut milk.

    My mum used to make a chicken curry with apple and raisins, I think coronation chicken is with mayonnaise and curry too.


  2. Your meatballs sound great, Tanya…especially the Thai style. I love that combo of flavors. And chicken curry would be great. I never would have thought to put curry with tuna, but it totally worked. And was so quick!


    1. I am generally not a cook book person. But this sounds amazing and like it is just the inspiration I need to get out if my rut! I am definitely ordering!!


      1. I am totally not a cookbook person. But I love this…I was writing a shopping list the day I got it. Plus if you preorder there are some bonuses. And then there’s the whole Duran Duran thing.


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