“Food Freedom Forever”…

is the title of the latest book by Melissa Hartwig.

If you don’t know Melissa, she is one of the creators of the Whole30, a dietary reset that eliminates potentially problematic foods (like dairy, grains and soy) for 30 days, then carefully reintroduces them so you can see for yourself the effect they have on you.

Melissa is totally happy, healthy and hot.  She also appears to like alliteration as much as I do!


Food Freedom Forever” is totally worth a read.  So what does Melissa mean by food freedom?

Food freedom is all about letting go of bad habits, guilt and anxiety around food. It’s about making good choices on a day to day basis, so you can enjoy those foods that are truly special to you, without any guilt or punishment.

And that is really what being happy, healthy and hot is all about.  Developing healthy habits and enjoying life!

According to Melissa, food freedom consists of three steps.

The first is the Reset, where you follow a Whole30 (or similar program) to see how the foods you eat impact your overall health.

Next is Enjoying Food Freedom, where you create a way of eating that is balanced and sustainable.

And finally, Acknowledging When You’ve Started to Slip.  In this section of the book, Melissa explains the reasons that people fall back into old habits, and provides strategies to handle this.

I love how Melissa walks you through real-life situations and gives ideas of how to handle them.  Melissa’s writing style is real and relatable, which makes this book a quick read.

If you are not already familiar with the Whole30, I highly recommend reading “It Starts With Food” and/or “The Whole30” along with “Food Freedom Forever.”  Even if you are not ready to commit to something as involved as a Whole30 (although it’s really not that hard) this book gives valuable information about making healthy, sustainable choices without making yourself crazy.

For more about “It Starts With Food” and “The Whole30,” read this post:

What is the Whole30? And why should I care?

So can “Food Freedom Forever” help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Absolutely!

You’ll be happy reading an entertaining and informative book written by someone who is definitely happy, healthy and hot.  This book teaches you to make choices that are truly healthy, not just for your body but for your emotions.  And being confident in your ability to make wise choices and maintain a healthy weight is very hot!


Food Freedom Forever

It Starts With Food

The Whole30



3 thoughts on ““Food Freedom Forever”…

  1. Thanks for this! I will put this on my wishlist as I have a birthday coming up and I love a food book! It sounds really great. There are certain foods I know I can’t handle well (corn, legumes, beetroot…) but there are probably more.

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  2. I don’t do well with corn either Tanya. Beets don’t bother me at all (in fact I actually crave them sometimes) but I know some people are actually allergic to them. Doing a Whole30 made me realize how much dairy affects me. I used to just think it made me break out, but it actually causes some subtle inflammation all over. This was definitely a good read…lots of real life strategies in there. But if you want recipes, definitely look at “It Starts With Food” or “The Whole30.” (And I’m also looking at a few new recipe books right now that I’m excited to share with everyone!)


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