I’ve had a hard time keeping my mouth shut…

because I’m so excited about this new facial serum from Annmarie Skin Care.

But I wasn’t allowed to post my review until it was actually up on their website.  Which is now.

I’m talking about Wild Fruit Serum.  LOVE this stuff!  It is designed to brighten, hydrate and tone all skin types.

This is a little travel bottle (3 ml) the actual product is bigger.  And sorry for the bad lighting…rainy day here in PA:(

Wild Fruit Serum has been almost two years in the making, and is the first product in Annmarie Skin Care’s new signature line.  It is even more potent and effective than their other serums (which are already pretty amazing!)

According to Annmarie Skin Care, the benefits of Wild Fruit Serum are:

  • Brightens skin tone with a concentrated dose of fruit, herb, and plant-cell extracts
  • A dynamic blend of Kakadu plum and apple helps revive dull skin
  • Resveratrol-rich knotweed, plant-cell extracts and copper combine to help keep skin hydrated, plump and supple for an overall even-toned, luminous glow.

The ingredients couldn’t be better.  The base of the serum is made from aloe juice and squalane. Aloe is known to be firming and very soothing, and squalane is a substance that exists on the surface of our skin, but diminishes as we get older.  Squalane moisturizes and can help the skin look plump and soft. Copper is another key ingredient, as copper promotes a firmer, tighter appearance.

I have been using Wild Fruit Serum in the morning all over my face and neck. It absorbs instantly.  The directions suggest following with a moisturizer, but my skin is very balanced now and I haven’t needed anything.

You can apply makeup immediately after applying this serum.  Or not.  As much as I love makeup, some days I just skip it.

I love the way Wild Fruit Serum makes my skin look and feel.  It feels totally balanced, not oily or dry, and has a nice glow.  

Wild Fruit Serum is more of a splurge than other Annmarie Skin Care Serums.  A 15 ml bottle is $119.95, which is comparable to many of the high end skin care lines found at better department stores or Sephora.  The difference, of course, is the purity of these ingredients.

You can’t actually buy Wild Fruit Serum yet...it is up on the website, but not expected to be available for purchase until Monday, October 17.  If you head over now to check it out, there is a button you can click so you will be notified when it is available.

I have to add that I have also been extremely pleased with the Anti Aging Serum, which retails for $49.95. This has been part of my routine for almost a year.

So if you can’t wait to try a serum, or you want to save a few bucks, try the Anti Aging Serum that I use most days and love.

The 15 ml bottle of any of these serums is designed to last about a month, but that is assuming you are using it twice a day.  I typically use a serum in the morning and an oil at night, so I get at least two months out of a bottle…usually a bit more.  Except the time it leaked in my travel bag on the way home from Mexico 😦

And if you haven’t tried any of these products yet, a great way to start is with a sample kit.  They are only $10, shipping is free, and you will get a coupon for $10 off your next order.  Total win-win!

So, can Wild Fruit Serum by Annmarie Skin Care help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Most definitely, and so can the Anti Aging Serum!

I’m always happy using a luxurious skin care product that feels amazing.  The ingredients are organic or (even better!) wildcrafted, and are all very healthy for your skin.  And hot?  Firm, youthful and glowing skin is always hot!


Wild Fruit Serum

Anti Aging Serum

Sample Kit for $10…free shipping and $10 off your next order


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