I’ve been feeling guilty…

about my makeup.

The stuff in this bag isn’t always so pure, but I’m getting better!

See, here’s the thing.  I am careful about what I put into my body, so I can look and feel my best.  And I’m also super careful (ok, borderline obsessive) about my skincare.  I love using the safest, most natural products from companies like Annmarie Gianni, 100% Pure, Telluride Glow and Raw Elements.

But I’ve struggled with the whole makeup thing.  I first wrote about it in an early post, Makeup confessions, where I said I was going to start researching some more natural makeup lines.

Then later, in I get drawn in by the naughty names, I discovered that sometimes the lines that market themselves as being very natural really aren’t.  Which just makes things more confusing.

So for awhile I just gave up.  And then I discovered 100% Pure.  Their entire line is free of artificial colors and fragrances, as well as synthetic preservatives and other toxins. As I’ve already told you, I’m hooked on their personal care products.

Now I’m testing out some of their makeup.  I had been putting it off because it is so hard to judge colors online.  But since shipping and returns are free, I decided to give it a go.

Right now, 100% Pure is having their Friends and Family Sale, which is 25% off of everything.  If you want to cut to the chase and order something, use the code “FNFAUG” at checkout and use this link:

100% Pure Friends and Family Sale

Let’s start with mascara, which I consider a desert island essential.  (Along with coconut oil and a good playlist.)

Maracuja Mascara in Black Tea is awesome.  The black color is really intense, which is what I like.  It also comes in Blackberry and Dark Chocolate if you like a softer look.  I did not have any flaking or smudging, but it comes off easily at night when I oil cleanse.

I plan on trying the Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening Mascara next.

I’ve tried two of their many foundations.  First, I tried the Fruit Pigmented Cream Foundation in Golden Peach.  It comes in a gorgeous silver compact.  This is a great match for my skin in summer, although I think I would go lighter in winter.  I tried applying with a foundation brush and a sponge applicator, and had good results with both.  Nice, even, medium coverage, and the creamy formula gave me a bit of a glow.  I love the way this looks, but think I will use it more in the winter when I am dry.

Next, I tried the Fruit Pigmented Foundation Powder in Peach Bisque, which is a shade lighter.  I applied with the same brush I was using for my mineral makeup.  LOVE this stuff.  You can build the coverage from light to medium depending on how much you use.  It has a matte finish compared to the cream formula.  I think I’ll stick with this one for summer and go back to the cream in the winter.

One little complaint…the gorgeous compacts have no mirror!  I was also kind of surprised that they did not come with some type of applicator.  But let’s be real…no one uses the applicator anyway.

I also tried their Fruit Pigmented Lip Creamstick in Perfect Naked Pink.  It comes in the form of a thick pencil, but with a very creamy, lipstick consistency.  It feels great and is nice and moist.  The name describes the color perfectly.  For me, the color was a barely there, neutral kind of color that I like for day, and that would work with most skin tones.

100% Pure has tons of different lip color formulations, so I will have fun trying them.

Something that sets 100% Pure apart from other cosmetic companies is the way their colors are actually derived from fruit.  Most of the other more natural companies use minerals.

For the next few days, through Friday, September 2, 100% Pure is running their Friends and Family Sale, which is 25% off of EVERYTHING!  You need to use this code at checkout:  “FNFAUG”

Here’s the link:  100% Pure

100% Pure always offers free shipping and returns. So if you need a little pick-me-up for fall, now is a great time to update your makeup.

So, can buying makeup from 100% Pure help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Absolutely! Buying makeup is always fun and happy!  100% Pure products are free of artificial colors, artificial fragrances, synthetic chemical preservatives and other toxins, so they are healthy for you and your skin.  And you’ll look so gorgeous with your Naked Pink lips and Black Tea lashes….of course you’ll be hot!


100% Pure use the code “FNFAUG” to get 25% off through Friday, September 2

Annmarie Gianni Skincare

Telluride Glow

Raw Elements Sunscreen  Use the code “happyhealthyandhot” for 10% off





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