My spicy little Southwest secret

It’s no secret that I love any food with a Southwest vibe…I can’t get enough Chipotle and Qdoba, and love local central PA places like Taco Solo even more.

Anything with cilantro, lime, cumin….Mmmm!  Can’t get enough.  But I don’t always feel like getting in the car.  And sometimes I don’t want to go to much effort in the kitchen.

So I’ll let you in on my little secret….

chipotle lime eliz

Primal Kitchen Chipotle Lime Avocado Oil Mayo.

I could seriously just eat this stuff off the spoon.  Ok, I have.  More than once.

You can add this to just about anything and give it a little Southwest kick.

Plop some on top of a grass fed burger.  Add a few slices of avocado for extra credit!

Dip your hardboiled egg in it.  Soooo good and much faster than deviled eggs.  I always feel like hardboiled eggs kind of get stuck in my throat when I eat them plain.  Problem solved.

Slather it on some left over chicken breast.  I’m not a huge fan of chicken breast, but I love it with a little chipotle lime kick.

You could also use this to dip any type of raw veggies….bell pepper would be especially good.

Primal Kitchen Chipotle Lime Avocado Oil May0 is made with avocado oil, organic cage free eggs and organic vinegar, along with the wonderful seasonings.

Avocado oil is high in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, especially oleic acid.  It also helps your body absorb the nutrients from the foods you pair it with.  Oh, and it tastes amazing.  Smooth and buttery.

Primal Kitchen is the only brand of mayo I buy any more.  It’s really that much better tasting, and better for you.  I love their plain avocado oil too, and use that in many places where I want a buttery flavor.

So, if you want to hop in the car and get some Southwest takeout, go right ahead.

And if you are in the mood to actually cook something, here’s one of my fave Southwest inspired recipes:

Happy, Healthy and Hot Southwest Chicken Soup

But if you want a short cut to great Southwest flavor, use Primal Kitchen Chipotle Lime Mayo.  It is happy, healthy and hot approved!

I get mine from Thrive Market, because they offer the best price.  For info on a free trial membership to Thrive, click here:

Free Trial Membership to Thrive Market

The only way to describe Thrive is as a crazy hybrid of Whole Foods, Costco and Amazon.  Whole Foods quality, Costco warehouse prices, delivered to your door like Amazon.  Win-win-win!!!

If you just want to see why I’m going so crazy over a jar of mayo, you can order it directly from Primal Kitchen Foods:

Primal Kitchen Foods

So, can Primal Kitchen Chipotle Lime Avocado Oil Mayo make you happy, healthy and hot?  Damn straight!

If you like Southwest flavors, it will make you and your tastebuds very happy.  Like all of my happy, healthy and hot picks, it uses the best of ingredients, all of which support your health.  The high quality fats from the avocado oil and eggs are great for your skin and hair.  Those same fats keep you satiated, which helps you maintain a healthy weight.  So it goes without saying…you’ll be very hot!


Thrive Market One Month Free Trial Membership

Primal Kitchen Foods  This link will take you to their product page so you can check out the mayo, avocado oil, and more!




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