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One of my favorite health bloggers is Kelly Winters.  I have followed her blog, Primally Inspired, for years. Kelly is such a great resource for easy recipes, health tips, DIY beauty treatments, and more.

I was super excited to have the opportunity to work with Kelly.  A few days ago,
Kelly published a post that I wrote which shares my favorite quick and easy tips to boost energy throughout the day.  You can find it right here:

Natural Energy Boosts: 7 Tips for More Energy

After you read my post, check out the rest of Kelly’s blog.  You will love it as much as I do!

I have one more secret I use to keep my energy up.  It sounds crazy, so bear with me….liver capsules!

Vital Proteins, the same company that makes the collagen peptides that I am so crazy about, has a product called Grass Fed Beef Liver Capsules.  Here is a post I wrote about them awhile back:

Great skin and more energy? Yes please!

There is something about high quality beef liver that is known to increase energy.  Liver is high in B vitamins, protein and iron, but it goes beyond that.  There was a crazy study done at a university years ago involving rats and ice water.  Without going into all the details, let’s just say the rats that ate liver could swim the longest.  By far.

I have no plans to swim in ice water…I am a complete baby when it comes to water temp! Pool water needs to be around 85 degrees in order for me to dip my big toe in.  But I have found that liver truly gives me sustained energy.  Since I don’t like to cook liver (or even look at it for that matter!) these capsules are the perfect solution.

There are 120 capsules in each bottle, which is a one month supply.  I take all four in the morning.  You can space them throughout the day, but who has time for that?!

So, can the information in this post help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Of course, otherwise I wouldn’t bother to share it with you!  You will be happy having more energy to get through the day.  All of the tips I give in the post on Primally Inspired also help to support your overall health.  Not only that, the drinks are full of antioxidants to support healthy, glowing skin.  And the fun, easy exercises help you stay in shape.  Very hot!


Vital Proteins Grass Fed Beef Liver Capsules

Lemon Squeezer


Crio Bru

French Press

Mini Rebounding Trampoline  (Price was just reduced on this to $50…free shipping!)






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