Exciting news and a quick review!

Let’s start with the exciting news!


Jenni Raincloud is a talented aesthetician who has created a beautiful lifestyle blog. Her focus is on natural beauty products, but she touches on many other topics including fashion and health.  And her makeup tutorials actually make sense!

Not only does Jenni give great reviews of natural beauty products you can buy, she shows you which ones you can make yourself.  She also has an Etsy shop for her own line of high quality, extremely natural products.  Her eye wrinkle stick is amazing!

I have followed Jenni for years and LOVE her!  So you can imagine how thrilled I was when Jenni decided to feature my story in a post.  I’m not going to give it away…click on the link to read Jenni’s post and check out her awesome blog:

Jenni Raincloud: The Acne Cure- One Woman’s Story

jenni raincloud

Now for the review…

In my last post, Happy, healthy and hot summer travel , I showed you the Body Essentials Travel Kit  from Annmarie Gianni Skincare.  It includes one ounce sizes of three of their products, and I am loving all of them.

The Rosemary-Peppermint Body Wash is so refreshing.  These scents are great any time of year, but they seem really cooling in summer.  This is not going to make the same kind of suds a drugstore product does, because it doesn’t include chemical lathering agents, but you will feel cool, refreshed and squeaky clean.  And did I mention wide awake?  There’s something about the scent of peppermint that is very energizing!

After showering with the body wash, you could use either the Radiant Skin Silk, or the Coconut Body and Face Oil.  The Radiant Skin Silk is a lotion with a very light scent, kind of herbal and vanilla at the same time.  The Coconut Body and Face Oil has a more herbal scent.  Both made my skin feel smooth and soft, and the fragrance (which is completely natural) was not overpowering.  Since I typically use oils on my body rather than lotion, I preferred the Coconut Body and Face Oil.

amg travel kit

Like all Annmarie Gianni products, the ingredients are beyond pure and natural.  For example, the Coconut Body and Face Oil is infused with over 20 different organic or wildcrafted herbs.

At $24.95, this set would make a great gift for any of your happy, healthy and hot friends…or for yourself!

Can this post make you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Of course!  That’s why you’re reading, right?  You will be happy that I introduced you to Jenni Raincloud, and my hope is that in reading my story you will be inspired to keep adding healthy habits into your life.  And if you try the Annmarie Gianni Body Essentials Travel Kit, you will be very hot with your glowing summer skin!


Jenni Raincloud’s Etsy Shop

Annmarie Gianni Body Essentials Travel Kit

Annmarie Gianni $10 Sample KIts



2 thoughts on “Exciting news and a quick review!

  1. Hi Dianna, thanks for checking in! At night I use the oil cleansing method…I remove as much of my makeup as possible with a warm washcloth, then massage coconut oil into my skin. I take a warm washcloth to remove the coconut oil. If my skin is dry I will use one of Annmarie Gianni’s facial oils, and I love Jenni Raincloud’s eye wrinkle stick.
    In the am, I wash with Annmarie Gianni’s aloe herb cleanser, spray on a bit of her Rosemary toner (sometimes) and use her anti aging serum.
    Hope that helps! Feel free to email me at elizabeth@elizres.com if you have more detailed questions:)


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