More tight shorts

A few weeks ago I wrote a post called My shorts are too tight and it has received more hits than anything else I have written.  (Cheap and easy was a close second.)

So I’m thinking that fitting into our shorts is a hot topic right now.  Or maybe I should just write about my ass more.

Either way, I wanted to pass on some more tips to help you fit into your shorts (or bikini, or romper…they’re really hot right now!) this summer.

shorts outside

It may seem like I’m talking about collagen peptides all the time, but there’s a good reason for that!  They are good for so many things.  I started on Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides to help my skin stay firm and healthy.  But guess what?  Collagen can also help with weight loss, and even maintaining your lean body mass.

Collagen protein, when consumed in the morning, helped maintain satiety better than whey or other forms of protein, leading to fewer calories consumed at lunch.  Now this is just one study, but there is tons of evidence showing how helpful collagen is at maintaining your connective tissues.  Which will help you look firm and toned!

So I feel like I was really on to something when I started adding the collagen peptides to my coffee in the morning!

Another great habit to start is to focus on adding more leafy greens to your diet.  They are loaded with essential nutrients.  I also find that the more greens I consume, especially in the form of blended drinks, the less I crave sugar.

The drinks I make are pretty hardcore…kind of a hybrid smoothie/juice.  I blend them in the Vitamix or Nutribullet, but I add a ton of liquid so they are very hydrating.  I just use water or maybe coconut water as my liquid.  Juices add way too much sugar!

A typical drink for me is a whole lemon, a chunk of ginger, and several big handfuls of dark leafy greens.  It pretty much looks like sewer sludge, but I feel so great drinking it.  I have a big glass in the am and put the rest in the fridge to drink later in the day.

You do not need to go crazy with the greens to start.  Build up to it.  Just throwing a handful of organic spinach or romaine into a fruit smoothie is a great start.  You won’t taste it, I promise!  Then keep adding more as you get used to the “green” taste.

Just about everyone could benefit from cutting down on the starchy white carbs…bread, pasta and rice, as well as processed sugar.  Subbing in extra veggies will keep you satisfied and more nourished.  Cauliflower makes a great sub for mashed potatoes or white rice.  Read my last post Like a great pair of skinny jeans to find out how!

Also, stay hydrated!  This sounds so obvious, but we all forget sometimes.  Sometimes you think you’re hungry and you’re really just thirsty.  Water is best.  If you want to make it more enticing, let it sit in the fridge with a few fresh berries, cucumber and mint, or a little chunk of watermelon.  Gives it a whole new twist!  Or just a good squeeze of lemon or lime…that’s what I do every single day.  Love it!

Green tea, and matcha in particular, are known to boost your metabolism.  And they’re full of antioxidants as well.  Even though green tea is much lower in caffeine than coffee, don’t drink it too late in the day.  (Unless you want to stay up all night reading my old posts!)

A few books I really like if you want to fit into your shorts without starving yourself are Eat Fat, Get Thin by Mark Hyman, MD and  It Starts With Food or The Whole 30 by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig.  I have done several Whole 30s, and the way I eat on a regular basis is pretty much what Mark Hyman recommends.  Basically high quality protein and fat, plenty of veggies, and some fruit and nuts here and there.  Throw in some dark chocolate and/or a glass of wine when you need a treat!

A few more tips…stop eating a few hours before bed.  If I need a little “something” I’ll have a cup of herbal tea, or maybe brew some Crio Bru.  (Here’s the post I did on Crio Bru:  Dark, rich and satisfying…)

And get out there and move that body!  You don’t need to go to the gym for two hours, unless that’s your thing.  Just put on some music and dance around the house.  Take your dog out for a long walk.  Use whatever crazy piece of exercise equipment you bought two years ago that’s been gathering dust.

So, can the tips in this post help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  For sure!  You will be happy putting together some cute summer outfits.  All the tips in this post are supporting your overall health.  And of course you will look hot in those cute shorts (or bikini or romper!)


Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

Matcha Tea

Eat Fat, Get Thin

It Starts With Food

The Whole 30

Crio Bru









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