Instead of green beer,

how about a green smoothie on St. Patrick’s Day?!  Or hey, go ahead and have both…it’s all about balance, right?


Remember, if you’re a green smoothie virgin, spinach is the way to go.  It blends well in any type of blender (some of the tougher greens like kale really need a Vitamix) and it’s so mild you barely taste it.

Here’s the one I just made:

For fruit, I used pineapple.  It’s the one fruit that is pretty consistent year round.  I bought a whole one and cut it up, which of course left me with a very sticky countertop.  You can always get the pre-cut pineapple if that makes your life easier.  Pineapple tastes great and it also makes a pretty smoothie when it’s blended with green.  Because we eat with our eyes, too!

As far as proportions of spinach to pineapple, start off heavy on the pineapple if you are new to green smoothies.  Just throw in a small handful of spinach.  Maybe next time you’ll use a little more!

And remember, add a healthy fat when you are consuming fruits and/or veggies.  It keeps you from getting a sugar rush and helps your body absorb the nutrients.  Don’t be afraid of fat!!!  (And if you still are, read Eat Fat, Get Thin or It Starts With Food.)   In this case, I put in some liquid coconut oil, also called MCT oil.  Maybe a tablespoon…I just eyeball stuff…fewer spoons to wash!  I plan to do a whole post on MCT oil soon (thanks Belina!)

Other good options for a healthy fat would be chia seeds, hemp seeds, or flax seeds.  They all give you a nice dose of essential fatty acids without messing with the flavor of your smoothie.  About a tablespoon would be great.

Of course, I had to throw in some collagen!  If you’ve been following me for awhile you know how much I love this stuff!  It has helped my skin and nails tremendously.  My skin is firmer at 49 than it was at 39, and I attribute that to collagen more than anything else.  I put about two tablespoons of it into my smoothie.  My favorite brand is Vital Proteins, and I also like  Great Lakes, which is lower in price. You can find both of them, along with my favorite books, pantry items, and kitchen gadgets, in my amazon shop.

I added a generous splash of water because I don’t like my smoothies too thick.  Another good option would be coconut water.  Stay away from juices…you’re getting plenty of sugar from the pineapple.

Besides tasting great and looking festive, this smoothie contains vitamin A (in the form of beta carotene), vitamin C and lots of vitamin K from the spinach.  The pineapple also contributes some vitamin C and a lot of maganese (not to be confused with magnesium). And of course I already mentioned how important the healthy fats are at helping you actually absorb those nutrients.

So, can this green smoothie help you feel happy, healthy and hot on Saint Patrick’s Day?  Well of course it can!  You’ll be happy because it tastes tropical and delicious.  You are getting tons of nutrients to help your body stay healthy.  And the vitamin C, collagen, and good fats all support firm, glowing skin, pretty nails, and shiny hair. And that’s always hot!





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