Justin Bieber and a new lipstick…

can really brighten a girl’s day!  Really, what else do you need?

My trip was great, and I was thrilled to come back to warm weather.  But Sunday was grey and drizzly, and we lost that hour of sleep.  I needed a little pick me up…one that wasn’t chocolate.

So I downloaded Justin’s new song, “Company.”  I don’t love it as much as his last two, but it’s still good.  Justin, I’ll be happy to keep you company!

And then I ran into Ulta.

ulta lipstick
My happy place

Burt’s Bees recently came out with a lipstick.  Not a colored balm, or a lip crayon, or a gloss, but an honest to goodness, full blown lipstick.  So of course I needed to try it.  Research for the blog, right?

I had noticed it at Target but the colors were completely picked over.  Ulta still had a good selection.  I ended up picking Lily Lake, a cool, beige-pink.  Definitely a day time, running errands type of color.  (In other words, I won’t wear it on my date with Justin!)

burts bees lipstick 1
Love the packaging!
burts bees lipstick 2
Pretty color…goes on much lighter

Burt’s Bees claims this lipstick is 100% natural (and not all of their products say that.)  I tried scanning the UPC with my Think Dirty app (read about it in this post: Thinking Dirty) but nothing came up. I also tried using the EWG app…nothing.  Ugh.  But at this point I had to have it.

I could not find a full list of ingredients.  According to the Burt’s Bees website, it contains moringa oil, raspberry seed oil, beeswax and vitamin E.  And the pigments are completely natural.

So here are my thoughts on the lipstick.  The color is very pretty, and it feels very moist going on.  It looks moist on the lips also….definitely not matte.  But it still gives good coverage, with much more pigment than a gloss.

I wore it for the second half of the day on Sunday, and it stayed on nicely.  Today I decided to really put it to the test.  I put it on before breakfast.  Amazingly, after breakfast I didn’t have to touch it up. By lunch time, it did not feel as moist, and was taking on a more matte look, but there was still plenty of color on my lips.  After lunch I re-applied, but if I were a low-maintenance girl I wouldn’t have bothered.  It wore very nicely and my lips felt great all day.  Not a hint of dryness.

A few other comments about this lipstick:  The packaging is very attractive, which I like. And the price is right…it retails for around $9.  I have been known to spend over $20 for a decent lipstick so I thought this was great.  There is a really nice range of 14 colors, including a bright berry shade that is next on my list (for my date with Justin!)  Oh, and it smells amazing.  Not sure how I would describe it, maybe kind of fruity.

This lipstick is carried at Ulta and Target, and I’m sure there are many other places you can find it.  I also put it in my amazon store if that is easier for you…it’s always fun getting a treat in the mail!  Here’s the link: Burt’s Bees Lipstick

When I want something that is going to stay on all day (or night!) and not wear off on anything, I’ll stick with the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Lip Pencil.  I use it to line and fill in my lips, and don’t put any lipstick on top and it doesn’t budge.  It comes in a ton of great colors, from very neutral to a bright red called F-bomb.  Urban Decay is not a “natural” brand but their lip pencils had a good rating on the EWG website.

So, will the new Burt’s Bees lipstick make you happy, healthy and hot?  Well, lipstick is definitely a personal thing, so it may depend on what type of finish and color you like.  For me, trying a new lipstick always makes me happy.  The ingredients appear to be very healthy.  And moist, pretty lips are always hot!





2 thoughts on “Justin Bieber and a new lipstick…

  1. Love your nails!! Have you every heard of Lip Monthly?? I saw someone post about it on Facebook. It’s a monthly lip products subscription. Seems reasonably priced!! Maybe another test subject????

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