I’m a silver lining kind of girl

So when we had some rainy, cooler weather in Mexico, I just used it as an excuse to break out the pleather.  Always look for the silver lining!

pleather in Mexico

Thankfully, there was still enough sun to test out Sun Love, Annmarie Gianni’s facial sunscreen.  And I have to say, I LOVE Sun Love, for so many reasons.

If you’ve been following me, you know I am totally in love with this company for their incredibly pure ingredient list and products that actually work.  They want you to be thrilled with what you buy, so they offer sample kits of many of their product lines for only $10 and free shipping, along with a $10 coupon for your next order.  So it’s basically free…you can’t go wrong!  Here’s a link if you are interested in trying their skin care:  Annmarie Gianni

But back to the sun screen.

sun love 1
This is the sample size.  So cute!

Here’s the thing…we want to protect our faces from the sun because we want to look young and healthy, right?  But some of the ingredients in conventional sunscreens are downright scary.  PABA and oxybenzone, which are common ingredients in many sunscreens (read your labels!!!) can create free radical damage when they react with the sun.  This can actually increase the risk for skin cancer.  That is crazy!!!!

Chemical sunscreens have also been linked to hormone disruption.  Some of them act like estrogen in your body.  And those are just the active ingredients.  The labels of most of them are filled with ingredients you can’t pronounce, which are being absorbed by your skin and circulating throughout your body.  Ugh!  But don’t stress out…there’s a better way!

A much safer way to protect yourself from the sun is with a physical sunblock, like zinc oxide.  This protects you from both UVA and UVB rays (SPF ratings are basically meaningless because they only tell you about the UVB protection).

But as someone who wants to be happy, healthy and hot, I have a little problem with most zinc oxide sunscreens.  They leave your skin looking ghostly white.  So even if they are healthy, I sure don’t feel happy or hot!

That’s where Sun Love comes in!  It has a subtle tint (from natural ingredients, of course) that completely eliminates that problem.  When I first saw it, I thought it looked a little grey, but it blends in really nicely.

sun love 2
Pretend you didn’t see my chipped nail polish!

According to Annmarie Gianni, Sun Love would be the last step of your skin care routine.  In other words, do what ever you normally do…cleanse, tone, serum, whatever, then apply Sun Love.  It blends really easily and does not feel oily.  I gave it a few minutes to sink in, and applied some mineral foundation on top.

The ingredients are amazing…coconut and avocado oils, hyaluronic acid (which helps your skin stay plump and moist), aloe juice infused with herbs, and of course, the zinc oxide for protection from both UVA and UVB rays.  (The UVB are the ones that cause the burn, but the UVAs are said to go deeper and cause additional damage.  Many sunscreens only protect from UVB.)

When I apply Sun Love, it feels like a high end moisturizer, but I’m getting sun protection too.  It does not have an SPF rating, and the company explains this in detail on their website.  (Basically SPF numbers are extremely misleading.)  But 18% zinc oxide is the percentage recommended by dermatologists to provide effective protection.

Oh, and I highly recommend trying a sample of Sun Love.  It’s only $5, with free shipping anywhere in the world, and you’ll get a $5 coupon for your next order.  The sample is generous…it will probably last you at least a week.  The product may seem pricey at first…a full size (2.5 oz) tube is almost $40.  But here’s the thing… you are actually getting a wonderful facial treatment, with ingredients that will moisturize and protect your skin. And you are just using it on your face, so that tube will last you a long time!

Here’s the link to order a sample…I would love to hear from you if you try it!

Try Sun Love

So, can Sun Love help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Absolutely!  You’ll be happy using a luxurious product that feels amazing.  The ingredients not just protect your skin, but actually make it healthier.  And your soft, glowing skin?  Very hot!




9 thoughts on “I’m a silver lining kind of girl

  1. Thanks for your review Elizabeth! I haven’t tried Sun Love but love the Annmarie Gianni products as you do. Glad to hear that they now ship samples outside the U.S.A. Will definitely give this one a try!!

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  2. Been a long time, girl! LOVE the blog! I’d love to know what you think of MCT oil. Lots of hubbub about it but I’m already practically embalming in coconut oil which I love.


    1. Oh wow! So great to hear from you. I have used MCT oil but mostly stick to regular coconut oil. I always feel better going with whatever is less processed. But in the book I just reviewed (post was called “Move over, Jason Derulo”) the author recommended it.


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