Mmmm…more Mexico meals

I’m doing a quick post to show you how much fun I’m having putting together healthy and delicious meals while enjoying my vacation.

The skirt is pleather!

Breakfast has been similar every day…two poached eggs, skip the toast.  If you put them in a little bowl they’re easier to eat.  The yolks have been bright orange, so I know they are high quality eggs!  And then some fruit, and coffee with whatever dairy free milk alternative I can find.

As much as I love eating burgers on the beach, putting on a coverup and some cute flip flops means I can go to the lunch buffet and have more choices.  Here is one of my favorite quick lunches:

Healthy lunch from the buffet

I have to have guac or sliced avocado every day while I’m here.  And it’s such a treat with so many fresh veggies to choose from, all cut up and ready to go!  Then prosciutto and fresh melon.  I generally don’t eat a lot of cured meats, but this is a nice treat while I’m on vacation.  And when I have looked at the ingredients of prosciutto in the past, it is literally just ham and salt.  And that’s coffee with a splash of soy milk…need a little energy boost for the afternoon pool games!

Here’s what I had for dinner Sunday night.  Figured I should eat some actual Mexican food, while I’m here!  That is fajita beef, guac and fresh salsa with extra cilantro on top.  I had a plate of raw veggies to start, and some fruit for dessert.  Healthy fats, protein, and plenty of fresh produce.  Mark Hyman would approve!  (And if you don’t know who he is, read my last post Move over, Jason Derulo!)


I worked up an appetite riding the mechanical bull on Monday, so I had big plate of chicken taco meat for lunch, with my usual fresh salsa and guac.  Who needs the shells or cheese, right?  There were big romaine leaves that I could have used for a shell, but I probably would have spilled something on my white shorts.  I also had some mussels in marinara sauce and  fresh papaya.  Mussels are a great source of many vitamins and minerals, as well as protein and omega 3 fatty acids.

mmm chicken taco

Many times when I travel I do a quick hotel room workout in the am.  With all the walking and crazy games I haven’t bothered for this trip.  But I want to get back into a short but effective morning workout when I get back.  So I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

In case you are wondering about dessert, I’ve honestly been pretty full from my meals.  I did buy an overpriced Mexican dark chocolate bar in one of the shops, and have to say it was delicious. Might need another one for the plane ride home tomorrow!

Speaking of leaving, I still have to tell you about the mineral sunscreens I have been using (SunLove by Annmarie Gianni on my face, and Coola on my body.)  Be on the lookout for those posts when I return home.

So, can you find happy, healthy and hot meals when you are on vacation and still enjoy yourself?  Absolutely!




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