Happy, healthy and hot meals in Mexico

I’m having a great time…warm weather, great food, pretty sights (well, except for some out of shape men in speedos…not so pretty!). I decided to keep track of everything I’m eating my first full day here…just to show you how a dairy and grain free girl can eat well and enjoy herself on vacation.


Now remember, I’m not telling you that you need to give up dairy and grains.  It’s just what I’ve found works best for me to keep my skin clear and my energy levels up.  (See the post  I used to have terrible skin.)  Everybody is different.  But if you do consume dairy, your best bet is grass fed, full fat dairy.  And if you eat grains, choose those that are minimally processed (steel-cut oats, brown rice).

I’m at an all-inclusive resort, which is great because there are a lot of dining options.  At the breakfast buffet, I enjoyed two poached eggs.  They were served on little pieces of toast, which I tossed aside.  No idea what the green stuff was on top of the eggs, but it was good.  And the eggs were definitely from chickens that were outside pecking around…the yolks were bright orange.  I also had fresh papaya, a few slices of cucumber, and coffee.  Sometimes I drag coconut milk with me on vacation.  This time I am making do with some Silk almond milk that is available with the cereal at the buffet.  Silk brand products contain more additives than I would like, but hey, I’m on vacation and not going to stress about it.

mexico breakfast

Since breakfast was early, I had a mid morning snack of more fruit, again from the buffet.  Honeydew is such a treat when it is ripe!  I don’t like to eat fruit by itself…too much of a sugar rush, so I had a little bacon for some fat.  Other alternatives would be nuts, nut butter, or high quality cheese if you tolerate dairy.  And I also had a green smoothie soon after that, since one of the poolside bars had a Vitamix all set up.  It was cucumber, celery and pineapple.  So good!

mexico morning snackmexico green smoothie.jpg

Lunch was on the beach…why change out of your bikini if you don’t have to, right?  I had a hamburger with freshly made guac and salsa.  The salsa had tons of fresh cilantro in it…delicious and helps your body detox!  In most countries other than the US, beef is grass fed.  In the US, grains are subsidized so grain fed meat is unfortunately the norm.

mexico lunch

After lunch, I decided to have a little iced coffee.  I needed an energy boost for the pool games!  I’m not big on soy milk, but it was the only non-dairy option I could find for my coffee, so I put in a splash.

It was an active day…tons of walking around, and some pretty competitive pool games.  So I worked up an appetite for dinner.  I started with some avocado, roasted red peppers, and jicama.  Then salmon (with a little very spicy green sauce on the side), artichoke hearts with carrots, and more of the roasted peppers because they were amazing.  Dessert was fresh pineapple, and this other fruit that I love but have no idea what it is called (if you know, please tell me!)  You eat the crunchy seeds and pulp with a spoon.  Weird but good. And a tiny piece of chocolate.  Oh, and I had a glass of chardonnay with dinner.  I am on vacation, after all!

mexico dinner 1mexico dinner 2

mexico dinner 3

The food was delicious, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I realize I had no leafy greens.  That’s very rare for me, but I eat tons of salads on a regular basis, so one day without them won’t kill me!

A few little teasers about upcoming posts…I am loving my new Urban Decay mascara, so I’ll give you a full report.  And I highly recommend the book Eat Fat, Get Thin by Mark Hyman, MD.  He recommends a way of eating that is very much in line with the way I like to eat, and explains the science behind the many health benefits of adding high quality fats to your diet.  The title sounds like a diet book, but it is much more than that.  And you can get it for  a great deal in my amazon store.   I wanted to have it in time for the trip and totally overpaid 😦

So there you have it…a day of happy, healthy and hot meals in Mexico.


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