My latest obsession

annmarie gianni serum
I’m wearing pleather leggings, of course!

is an anti-aging duo of serum and oil from Annmarie Gianni Skin Care.  I guess I should really say one of my latest obsessions.  The others are “My House” by FloRida, which I can’t get enough of, and Neff beanies, which you see me wearing in a lot of my pics.  I’ll let you in on a little secret…I have a really big head, and these are the only beanies that fit me right.

But about the skin care….

For over three years, I’ve been washing my face with coconut oil at night (and still do many times) and doing little else.  Most skin care lines contain questionable ingredients, and I just decided to avoid them all together, and do my own thing.  And I’ve been happy with the results.

But I know that not everyone wants to do that.  And hey, I’ll be 50 soon…maybe it’s time to kick things up a notch.  Since I am so impressed with Annmarie Gianni’s beyond-organic ingredients and overall philosophy, I decided to try this anti-aging duo. And all I can say is…damn!

The products can be used individually or together.  The serum contains a long list of organic or wildcrafted plant materials, in a base of aloe vera juice.  Its purpose is to increase hydration and firmness, and it is suitable for all skin types.  It absorbs nicely, and my makeup goes on really smoothly.  The oil, according to the Annmarie Gianni website, is a combo of “healing herbs, antioxidants and moisturizing oils that will diminish fine lines and ensure your complexion is supple and soft.”  Um, sign me up for that!  If you are using the products together, put the serum on before the oil.  So you would cleanse first, use a toner if you like, then apply the serum, then the oil.

Here’s what I have been doing:  At night, I clean my face with either straight coconut oil, or Annmarie’s aloe herb cleanser.  I have not consistently been using a toner, but I have a sample of their neroli toner which I really like.  After cleansing and maybe toning, I use a tiny amount of serum all over my face and neck.  I give that a minute to absorb, and then dab an even tinier amount of the oil all over (skipping my nose.)  Both products smell amazing.

I don’t even wash my face in the morning…I just wipe with a warm, damp washcloth.  Next, I’ve been using the serum all over, and using a little oil just around my eyes.  If my skin were dryer, I would use the oil all over.

I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now, and I have never been so happy with how my skin looks, even without any makeup.  I’ve already ordered a full size bottle of the serum.  The oil is lasting me longer because I use so little, but I plan to order more of that as well.   Based on the quality of the ingredients, I think these products are fairly priced.  They come in around the same or less than high end department store lines.

Your best bet is to order a sample kit for $10…there are several available.  There is one called Restore for Mature and Dry Skin that contains both of these products, along with the aloe-herb cleanser.  Shipping on samples is free, and with each sample kit you order, you receive a coupon for $10 off your next purchase.   So it’s a win-win!  Click on this link, and it will take you straight to the sample order page:

Annmarie Gianni sample kits

Good skin definitely starts from the inside… here are some posts I’ve written on that: I used to have terrible skin  and  I used to have terrible skin (part 2)  But we need to support it from the outside too, and these products are a great way to do it.

So, can this anti-aging duo from Annmarie Gianni help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Most definitely!  You will be happy using luxurious skin care products coming from a wonderful company.  The ingredients are incredibly healthy, which is so important since your skin is your largest organ.  And firm, glowing skin is always hot!

If you’ve tried these products I would love to hear from you!



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