My only resolutions for 2016 were to wear more pleather and listen to boy bands.

pleather and 1D betterYou’ll be happy to know I’m doing really well with those resolutions 😉  Love this new pleather jacket, and I’m listening to “Perfect” by 1D, if you can’t quite see what’s on the screen of my iPad.

As I told you in the post Have a happy, healthy and hot New Year! I have plans for this little blog too.  I mentioned I would be road testing some products that could help you feel even happier, healthier and hotter than you already are.  Since healthy skin is a priority to me, that’s where I’m going to start.

For over three years, I have had great success washing my face with coconut oil at night, which I detailed in one of my very first posts, The best way I have found to wash my face (Yet another use for coconut oil!)

But I realize not everyone wants to do that.  Maybe the whole coconut oil thing sounds a little messy or crazy.  Or maybe you want to buy a product that is not just effective, but smells and feels amazing.  Or you have some specific skin issue that you want to treat. Unfortunately, many of the products marketed as “natural” are anything but!

So I’ve been trying some products on my skin that I am super excited about…they are a perfect fit for happy, healthy and hot!  The company is called Annmarie Gianni, and the ingredients they use are amazing.  They are organically grown or wild-crafted (as in, picked by hand in the mountains…even better!)  As I read on their website “Our natural, organic, & wildcrafted skin care products promote young, beautiful skin with no toxins or chemicals.”  Sign me up!

Annmarie Gianni sent me some samples to try, which I fell in love with.  One of my very favorites was the Aloe Herb Cleanser.  It smells like heaven, and cleaned my skin beautifully, without stripping it.  After washing, my face felt completely clean but moist. Since I had waterproof mascara on, I removed that first with a bit of coconut oil., although I don’t even know if that was necessary. The rest of my makeup came off easily. For some exfoliation, you can mix in either the Dead Sea Scrub or the Ayurvedic Scrub. The dead sea scrub was moist, and the Ayurvedic was a powder.  Using either of the scrubs mixed with the cleanser was even better!  My face felt so smooth! I have been irritated by scrubs in the past, but these were very fine and gentle.  The ingredients are unbelievable.  Some of the ingredients in the Aloe Herb Cleanser include aloe vera juice, coconut oil, and more aloe vera juice, this time infused with a long list of herbs that are beneficial to the skin.  The only ingredient that appeared to be a preservative was the last one, rosemary extract.

I like to keep my posts short (so you actually read them), so I will tell you about more of these amazing products in upcoming posts.  I’m really excited to try the anti-aging serum and facial oil, and promise to report on those soon.

Can Annmarie Gianni skin care products help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  I really believe they can.  You will feel happy using high end products that feel and smell amazing. Just read the ingredients list to see how healthy they are.  And the beautiful, glowing skin that results is very hot!

If you’d like to try these products for yourself, the best way is to order a sample kit.  They are very reasonably priced, and each one comes with a coupon for $10 off your next order. So it’s a win-win!  Click on this link to check out the sample kits and learn more about this amazing company: Annmarie Gianni

So, in the upcoming weeks, I’ll continue to wear pleather, listen to boy bands, and keep you posted on my results with Annmarie Gianni skincare.

In the interest of full disclosure, if you purchase Annmarie Gianni products through the link, provided, I will receive a commission that helps to support the costs of running this blog.  Just like the products in my Amazon shop, I will only recommend products that I have used on myself and absolutely love.




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