Tasty travel breakfast


As I mentioned in some previous posts, I’ve been traveling like crazy.  And honestly, I’m ready to have a few weeks at home where I am back to my regular routine.  For now, I’m having fun enjoying some good food on the road.

Yesterday morning  I found myself at First Watch, a breakfast and lunch chain that is found in many parts of the US.  I was starving, so here’s what I ordered:

A greek omelet (on the First Watch menu, it’s called Greek Fetish) without feta cheese or onions.  Why no feta?  My skin is extremely sensitive to dairy. My face breaks out and my eyes get puffy.  Just not worth it.  And why no onions?  Onions are full of sulphur, which is great for your hair, skin and nails.  But I don’t want to stink…that’s why no onions!

I added avocado to the omelet.  I’m big on healthy fats.  It already had spinach and red pepper. Instead of the obligatory potatoes and toast that come with every egg dish in a restaurant, I asked for a side of fruit.  Not that potatoes are a bad food.  But I don’t know anyone who needs that many carbs first thing in the morning (or any time).

Now, I’m normally not a juice person.  But sometimes when I travel I feel like I’m not getting enough greens.  First Watch offers a fresh pressed juice made from kale, fuji apples, lemons, and cucumber.  And it was amazing!

I usually don’t drink while I eat (that’s a whole other post in itself…about digestion, stomach acid, etc.)  So I ended up taking a few sips of the kale juice while I was there, and took the rest to go.

The entire meal was delicious…so delicious, in fact, that I ended up ordering the exact same thing again today!  Oh, and another big bonus?  The early 80’s music that was playing in the background.  Took me back to high school!

When I’m at home, I’m super picky about food quality.  If I were to make this, the eggs would have been pastured, and I would have cooked it in ghee (the one form of dairy that never bothers my skin).  At First Watch, the eggs are cage free…if you read my post on eggs, you know that is basically just a marketing term.  And I didn’t even bother to find out what they were cooked in.  At most restaurants it is some crappy blend of highly processed vegetable oils.  But it was a delicious meal.  I love to pack a lot of vegetables into my breakfast…it makes me feel like my day is off to a great start.

So, is it possible to enjoy meals on the road and still feel happy, healthy, and hot?  Of course it is!  When possible, pull up menus online ahead of time, so you have an idea of what you can order and don’t get sidetracked. Ask about simple substitutions…it didn’t say anywhere on the menu that I could substitute fruit for all those carbs, but I asked.  And relax and enjoy the fact that someone else is doing the cooking!


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