Why I don’t buy my eggs here


First of all, if you’re eating eggs at all, it’s a good thing.  They’re a great source of protein and are loaded with vitamins…particularly A and D which most of us don’t get enough of from our food.  But there are a number of reasons I don’t buy mine at the grocery store anymore.

I buy eggs from local farmers.  The chickens are pastured, meaning they are actually running around outside, eating bugs and rooting for stuff in the dirt.  Now I’m a busy girl…why do I take the time to do this, when I could easily pick up some cage free or omega 3 eggs at just about any grocery store?

First of all, the eggs I buy taste amazing!  When you crack them into a bowl, they even look different.  Because they’re so fresh, the yolks sit up higher.  They are orange, rather than yellow, because the chickens are eating their natural diet.  If I were home right now, I would crack one and take a picture.  But I’m in my pajamas in a hotel room right now, so you’ll have to take my word for it. (Oh, and these are the signature stripe PJ’s from Victoria’s Secret that I mentioned in my last post.  But I forgot my matching eye mask!)

Another reason to buy eggs from pastured chickens?  I am an animal lover. I just feel better knowing that the chickens are out in fresh air doing their thing.

And yet another reason?  Superior nutrition.  Yolks from pastured eggs are an amazing source of vitamin A in a form your body can use.  This is so important for healthy skin.  They also contain choline, very important for liver support, which in turn supports the health of your skin, and biotin, which is helpful for hair growth and for skin. And we shouldn’t be so scared of cholesterol.  Cholesterol is crucial for proper hormonal function (sooo important for women) and actually helps to form our cell membranes.

So why not just buy cage free eggs at the store?  Because all that means is that they are not in a cage.  It doesn’t even mean they get to go outside.  Not to be a big downer, but they can even have their beaks cut off.  And when it says “vegetarian fed hens” on the carton?  That doesn’t even make sense!  Chickens are not vegetarians!  When left to their own devices, they are omnivores.

And what about omega 3 eggs?  In most cases, those are still from chickens that are kept inside, in factory farming conditions.  Their diets are supplemented with flax seed.

So are there any decent eggs in the grocery store?  Again, just eating eggs is a good thing.  But if you are looking for the best possible eggs in the grocery store, look for some that are both cage free (or free range) and organic.  By law, organic cage free chickens need to at least have access to the outdoors.  So at least their living conditions are better, and with any luck they are out pecking in the grass eating things that chickens are meant to eat.

eggs 2

Here are some I saw today.  They are actually organic, meaning the chickens are fed organic food, and free range, which means they have full access to the outdoors.  I’ll still keep buying mine at the market from local farmers that I know, but it’s great to see that there are more choices available.

So how can buying good eggs help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Well, you’ll be happy knowing that you are supporting responsible, ethical farming.  And you’ll be happy that the eggs are so delicious (there truly is a difference).  You’ll be healthy from all the wonderful nutrients you are putting into your body that are supporting your health on a cellular level.  And the healthy skin and hair from all that vitamin A and biotin?  Very hot!

Thanks for reading!  And remember…eggs are good food.  I want to get people excited about all the fun, easy things they can be doing to stay healthy.  If you can’t buy local, pastured eggs, no problem!  Just do the best you can.






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