On the road again…

or in the air, actually.  More travel, this time by plane.  So what do I carry in my travel kit?


Before I tell you what’s in the bag, let’s talk about how cute the bag is!  I am obsessed with Victoria’s Secret signature stripe pattern.  Obsessed!  

I have every possible travel bag (one for cosmetics, one for my contact lens stuff, assorted others that are just cute) plus the pajamas and matching sleep mask.  Completely out of control.  So here’s what I actually take with me:


For a girl who’s pretty obsessive about skin care, there’s not much in here.  The little mason jar to the right is full of coconut oil.  It turns liquid at 76 degrees, so if it were summer I would put that jar inside a plastic bag to be safe.  I will use that to wash my face at night (which I have already done a post on) and also as a moisturizer all over my body when I get out of the shower.  You can see my Lavanilla deodorant, which I also mentioned in a previous post.  The toothpaste is by doTerra.  I prefer to use a flouride free toothpaste, and am always trying different kinds.  I’ve even made my own.  I also packed an oil blend by doTerra called OnGuard.  I’m not usually too freaked out by germs, but there’s a lot going around right now and this might come in handy.  There are some tiny tubes of Aveda shampoo and conditioner, from the Invati line.  Not my favorite of their shampoos…it’s a little drying…but easy to throw in my bag.  The little glass bottle behind the essential oil is a pump bottle of argan oil, another great multi-tasker.  I’ll use this on the ends of my hair to condition and detangle when I get out of the shower, and around my eyes at night for moisture.  There’s also a little travel bottle filled with witch hazel.  I’ll use this on a cotton pad at night, after I cleanse with the coconut oil, to make sure I got every trace of makeup off.

So that’s basically it.  Oh, of course there are some cotton pads, toothbrush and a razor in there.  I cannot stand any type of stubble on my legs even in the dead of winter when no one is even looking.

When you are using high quality, natural products, a little goes a long way and you don’t need to pack that much.  The coconut oil, argan oil, deodorant and witch hazel are all in my amazon store.  Just go to the menu, and click on “Things I love.”

So what do you travel with?  What helps you stay happy, healthy and hot on the road?  Leave a comment and let me know!


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