Ok, so I’m not a food photographer…

or a chef.  I’m just a girl who likes to eat healthy, great tasting food.  And one who has better things to do than spend hours in the kitchen. (Like bouncing on my rebounder, getting a pedicure, or attempting to catch up on the third season of “Orange is the New Black.”)

So sorry if this pic isn’t great, but the soup actually is pretty great, especially for something that I literally threw together.

turkey soup

The weather here in Central PA has turned pretty miserable…dreary, rainy, cold and damp.

And hey, I’m not complaining…we had a beautiful fall.  But it’s the kind of weather where you want something that’s going to warm you up.  So here’s what I threw together.  As in, threw in a pot, heated, called it a day. And it’s delicious!

You already know how I feel about bone broth (“Better than Collagen?”)  When you make it right, it’s a delicious base for just about any soup.  So all I did was dump some in a pan (no measurements needed!) and gently heat.  I took one of the zip-loc baggies of leftover pastured turkey meat out of the freezer and threw it in.  And then some frozen, organic corn.

Now I’m not usually a big corn person.  I really look at corn as a grain, and for the most part I avoid grains.  But I thought the sweetness would be a nice contrast to the savory broth.  And I was right!

I just simmered it until the turkey was heated through and the corn was cooked.  And there you have it…a tasty, easy lunch.  Does it pass the happy, healthy and hot test?  Yep!  You’ll be happy to have a delicious lunch that took almost no time.  The amino acids from the turkey and wonderful minerals from the broth will keep you healthy.  And those same amino acids and minerals are supporting healthy hair, skin and nails. That’s hot!


2 thoughts on “Ok, so I’m not a food photographer…

  1. Ohmigosh, I am so not a food photographer either. I had to eventually learn just because I think that’s one of the natural steps to having a blog (well, at least a food-heavy blog like mine), but to be honest, I really dislike photographing food. Like I want to totally hire it out so someone else who is good with picky details like making sure the orange zest is just perfectly placed (boring!!!!) I just want to EAT it not take pictures of it!! Anyway, I love homemade soups and this looks delicious! So comforting and good!


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