Better than collagen?

If you have followed this blog at all (and I hope you have!) you know I am pretty obsessed with collagen.  That’s because I have noticed such a remarkable improvement in my skin from using it on a daily basis.  It has also helped my nails, which were always pretty good but have gotten even better.

collagen and broth

So what could possibly be better than collagen?  And why am I writing so many posts over the Thanksgiving weekend?  And why did I use this goofy picture where you can see my dog’s head in the lower right corner?Ok, the reason I am so prolific right now is because I have the whole house to myself, which is pretty awesome. And honestly, I just get on a roll.  I know that I am “supposed to” post on a regular schedule.  As in, Tuesdays and Fridays, or something like that.  But I get so excited to share this info that I can’t really keep to a schedule.  Maybe I’ll get there one day, and be more predictable.  Oh, and the reason my dog’s head is in the pic?  I’m just not a very good photographer.  I’m using an iPhone 6 with the timer on a funny little tripod. And as far as what could ever be better than collagen, it’s….bone broth!

The reason I have not made such a big deal about bone broth is it’s kind of a pain in the ass.  Collagen is easy…place your order on amazon, wait for package, mix into anything you want (coffee, matcha latte, smoothie).  Done.

Bone broth…not so easy.  There are tons of tutorials if you want to Google it.  But you probably don’t, so here you go…

Roast a chicken or turkey.  Preferably pastured.  Enjoy it for dinner and save the carcass (hate that word!)  Put it in a crock pot, fill with filtered water, add some good salt (Himalayan pink or real salt).  Put it on high for about an hour, until it is simmering.  Turn it down to low, cook for 12-24 hours.  Yep, that’s right…12-24 hours.  About half way through, I mash up those bones with a potato masher.  They should have started to soften a bit, and they will crack so the marrow is released. Keep checking the water level…you may need to add some more.

When it’s done…and the longer the cooking time, the better, strain it. You will have the most delicious aromatic broth ever!  You can make soup with it if you feel inspired, or just drink it.  It has all the benefits of collagen and then some.  All kinds of amazing trace minerals in addition to the amino acids.  Oh, and one little warning.  When you put your broth in the fridge, it might not stay liquid.  It usually turns to a jello-like consistency.  I know this sounds gross, but it’s actually a good thing, and it will become liquid again as soon as you reheat it.

I’m posting this because I am making some bone broth right now.  From the amazing pastured turkey that we had for Thanksgiving.  Even my 103 year old grandmother (see my post “Selfies with Nana”) enjoyed it.  So bone broth is another great way to firm up your skin and have strong, healthy nails.  But collagen is easier.  So do what you want…It’s all good!

Ok, so let’s get back to what this blog is all about.  Can bone broth make you happy, healthy, and hot?  Well of course it can!  You will be happy because those scraps aren’t going to waste (especially if you spent a small fortune  on your turkey.  And $120 on a roasting pan that is big enough to hold your giant pastured turkey).  You will be healthy because your body is getting some amazing trace minerals from cooking the bones for such a long time.  And of course the firm skin and healthy nails that are the end result…very hot!







4 thoughts on “Better than collagen?

  1. Perfect timing to see this! Bone broth from the pastured turkey is in my crockpot – started last night and am leaving it there until morning – but after reading your post, I just went and mashed the bones! And I love putting collagen in my morning coffee!! I’m having foot surgery this week and especially wanted the bone broth for healing properties! Happy Holidays!


  2. I think mashing them up helps get out the marrow, which has to be full of all kinds of good stuff! Good luck with your surgery…you are so smart to be doing the bone broth ahead of time. Please check back and let me know how you make out with your surgery. Thanks for reading!


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