I’m peeling potatoes and listening to the new One Direction song…



(I have the musical taste of a 12 year old girl).  It’s Thanksgiving morning, and the house is quiet (except for my music).  And I start thinking about Thanksgiving.

As a kid, Thanksgiving was not one of my favorites.  I preferred holidays that involved costumes, candy and/or presents. And hey, I still like costumes, candy and presents (although my tastes in candy are a little more sophisticated).  But now that I’m a grown up, even if I don’t always feel like one, I really love Thanksgiving.  How cool is it that we have a holiday that just celebrates gratitude?!

So for everyone reading this…thank you!  Thank you for taking an interest in your health, thank you for reading my crazy blog posts, thank you for your inspiring comments and emails, and thank you for wanting to feel happy, healthy and hot!

I know that not everyone reading this even celebrates Thanksgiving.  It’s so exciting to check my stats on WordPress and see that there are people all over the world that are actually taking a look at this.  So special thanks to all of you…and a shout out to Emma and Carla in Australia (The Merrymaker Sisters)…you two rock!

And if anyone is wondering what a health-minded girl is serving for Thanksgiving, I have an amazing local pastured turkey in the oven from my friends at Green Ridge Acres, along with organic roasted sweet potatoes, and red potatoes mashed with homemade broth and Kerrygold butter…and plenty of other sides.  Can’t wait to eat and spend time with my family, including my 103 year old grandmother!

Happy Thanksgiving!



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