Staying happy, healthy and hot on the road

car snacks

I have tons of travel coming up in the next few months.  A few plane trips, but most of it by car. I live in Central Pennsylvania, and this week alone, I will have two day trips to NYC, an overnight trip to West Virginia, and today a quick trip to Penn State University.

I have no problem ordering healthy meals when eating out…salads topped with protein; omelets with lots of veggies, hold the cheese; burrito bowl with extra vegetables and guac, skip the rice and dairy.  When you get in the habit, it’s pretty easy.

But snacks…that’s another thing.  Convenience stores don’t always have great options, although every now and then I get surprised (like the post I did on my fun find at Sheetz).  Here’s what I am packing for my road trip later today…

OK, first of all, how cute is my snack bag?  It just makes me smile!  I haven’t had much time to shop lately, but this is what I could find in my house.  I have a bottle of vanilla seltzer water.  This is unsweetened and naturally flavored.  I was never a big soda drinker, but sometimes I like the bubbles.

Justin’s almond butter in a squeeze pack…the perfect travel food!  I prefer the unsweetened.  This one has honey, but it will do!

Toasted coconut chips…I am addicted!  I love this brand because they offer an unsweetened version.  The ingredients are coconut and sea salt.  It doesn’t get much better than that.  Yes, I know coconut is high in fat.  I feel better having a liberal amount of healthy fat in my diet.  Coconut oil is a great clean fuel for our bodies, and there is research showing it is beneficial for our brains.  Oh, and it tastes good.  Bottom line…don’t be afraid of fat.  It keeps our skin healthy, our hair shiny, and our minds calm.

Mini bell peppers.  I love these things!  I bought a big bag and roasted most of them, but kept a few for snacking on raw and putting in salads. Bell peppers are a nice source of vitamin C, and they taste great.  I find raw veggies are generally less fragile and easier to pack than fruit.  I always like to have something fresh and raw with me.

Sometimes I have a better selection.  This just happens to be what I have on hand today to travel with.

How can packing healthy car snacks keep you happy, healthy and hot?  Get yourself a cute snack bag like mine and  you will be happy every time you look at it!  Seriously, just knowing I have some healthy options with me keeps me happy.  And healthy…you are getting plenty of healthy fats, vitamin C, fiber, and even some protein with this assortment.  And that will keep you hot!  The vitamin C is amazing for your skin…it helps it stay bright and clear, and supports collagen production.  And I already mentioned how the healthy fats from the coconut and almond butter are great for glowing skin and shiny hair.

I’d love to hear from you?  What are some healthy snacks you like to pack?  Hit reply and let me know!


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