Instant energy!

Bert LanceI am not kidding!  Over the years I have discovered many little tricks to improve my energy levels.  Getting enough sleep will always be a challenge for me (and the rest of the world!) but I have learned to eat, drink, move and even breathe in a way that keeps my energy level pretty high.  But I just rediscovered something that made me feel so great that I couldn’t wait to write about it…rebounding!

Rebounding is another word for bouncing on a trampoline…typically a mini trampoline.  And it gives me an instant energy boost, in just a few minutes.  I’ve had one for years.  Used it for awhile, eventually moved on to other things.  No idea what made me think about it, but I dragged it out of the basement storage room the other day (after moving a ton of random crap that had piled up on top of it!) and started bouncing.  I was hooked!

There is a ton of research on why rebounding is good for you…it has something to do with the up and down movement creating a G-force, and the acceleration and deceleration that your body is going through.

So why should you rebound?  Besides the instant energy boost that I received, there are many other benefits.  Rebounding stimulates our lymphatic system, which is what detoxes our bodies at a cellular level.  That in itself is huge.  It also helps to build bone density, something really important for women.  NASA uses it to rebuild bone density in astronauts.  I’m thinking they know what they’re doing!  It is also said to support our endocrine and immune systems, and enhance cardiovascular health.  Oh, and that whole lymphatic system thing I mentioned? Removing toxins at a cellular level can even reduce cellulite.

So what do you need to get started?  First, a rebounder.  I have a cheap one from Dick’s sporting goods that works just fine.  Maybe I’ll upgrade to one of the better ones down the road.  This works just fine for now.  With all the bouncing you will be doing, I highly recommend a sports bra.  Other than that, loose clothes are supposed to be best so they do not restrict lymphatic flow.  And put on some good upbeat music (I’m partial to Jason Derulo right now, but whatever works for you!)

Fifteen minutes a day, in five minute sessions is said to be great for lymphatic support.  Honestly, even a few minutes feels great and totally perks you up.

So does rebounding help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Absolutely!  You will totally feel happy bouncing up and down to good music.  You are supporting your health on a cellular level, which is awesome.  As for hot, well…the exercise will increase blood flow and get your skin glowing, plus it may reduce cellulite.  It’s a win win!

I found a rebounder similar to the one I am using (mine is over 10 years old!) and put it in my amazon store.

Have you tried rebounding?  Any other great ways to increase energy?  LMK in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Instant energy!

  1. My sister has a rebounder for her kids and every time I go over, I jump on it, too. And wow, it really does give me instant energy! I love all the health benefits you wrote about rebounding, too. Lately, my little secret for an instant pick-me-up is playing the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams and dancing like a loon! haha! It really works for me! I’ll have to look into getting a rebounder, too.


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