Fun find at Sheetz!

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try to be prepared and organized.  And most of the time I am…I carry a ridiculous amount of stuff in my purse, including snacks.  But I recently found myself in hungry and needing a little pick me up, and my only option was a convenience store (Sheetz).

The fruit looked bruised and pathetic.  There were hardboiled eggs, but I wasn’t really feeling it.  Then I spotted something new (to me, anyway)…Brocolli Bites, made by Rhythm Superfoods.  There were several flavors, but I grabbed Asian Citrus.  I took a quick look at the ingredients…surprisingly clean.

I also wanted a little caffeine, since I had been up at the crack of dawn (seriously) and wasn’t home to make my afternoon matcha latte.  I glanced in the fridge, and was so happy to see Chameleon Cold Brew coffee.  The ingredients couldn’t be better…organic fair trade coffee and filtered water….that’s it!  They also had some flavored options, which do have added sugar.

So, how was my little afternoon pick me up?  Pretty good!  The broccoli bites were very flavorful…not something I would eat all the time, but tasty.  And I loved the coffee.  I usually like some type of creamer, but Chameleon Cold Brew is so smooth that I totally enjoyed drinking it black.  Oh, and the chameleon is really cute!

It’s always good to be prepared, so I plan to do a post on some of the crazy stuff that can usually be found in my purse.  But it’s nice to know there are some decent options out there.  Leave a comment…I’d love to know if you’ve had any good convenience store finds!


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