Favorite fall salad


We have had some gorgeous fall weather in central PA lately.  Cool, brisk mornings with warm sunny afternoons.  Lately I have been craving this salad.  Not only does it look gorgeous and taste delicious, it is full of whole foods that are truly nourishing.  I’m a pretty intuitive cook.  Unless I’m baking (which is rare these days), I pretty much just throw things together that I think will taste good.  Most of the time it works.

Here’s what I put in the salad:

Arugula:  I happened to have wild arugula from the farmer’s market, but any arugula will do.  It has a nice peppery bite to it.  Arugula is a good source of vitamins A and C, which are great for your skin.

Beets:  Don’t even get me started…I love beets!  The sweetness is a nice contrast to the arugula.  I buy a few pounds of beets at the market, roast them at 350 until I can poke a fork in them, peel and chop them, and keep them in the fridge for salads. If that’s too much trouble, many better supermarkets are carrying beets that are already roasted in the produce section.  Beets help support our liver, which in turn keeps our skin looking great.  So go out and get yourself some beets!

Walnuts:  Walnuts contain a great ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids.  They are great for your skin, hair, and even your mood!  The nutty flavor tastes amazing with the sweet beets and peppery arugula.

Dressing:  It’s rare that I use store bought salad dressing.  Even the so called natural ones usually have crappy, overly refined vegetable oils.  I usually just drizzle some high quality olive oil and balsamic vinegar over top, sprinkle on some pink Himalayan salt, and call it a day!  If I’m feeling a little more inspired, I’ll squeeze half a lemon (more liver support!), whisk in some raw honey and olive oil, and use that instead.  Either way, it’s delicious!

There is a link at the top of this post to leave a comment.  I’d love to hear what you think about this salad!


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