Things I love

Many of the questions I get are from friends wondering where to find the products I use on a day to day basis.  I’ve put it all together on this page, and only share things that I use and love.


It’s no secret that I love coffee.  With Javazen, I have taken my coffee experience to a whole new level.  Javazen is a blend of organic coffee, tea, and superfoods.  You get a more balanced energy with less of a crash.  My favorite variety is Balance, a blend of organic coffee, matcha and cacao.  Boost is a little higher in caffeine and gives more of a pick me up, and Relax is a decaf blend that is really tasty.  Check it out here:  JAVAZEN


If organic wine delivered to your door sounds too good to be true, think again!  Dry Farm Wines is a subscription service that delivers your choice of artisanal reds, whites, or an assortment on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.  These wines are free of sugar and carbs, and contain none of the additives found in commercial wines.  Check it out…go through this link and add an additional bottle to your first order for a penny!  DRY FARM WINES


If I had to pick one product to support my happy, healthy and hot lifestyle, it would be Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides.  They are amazing for skin, nails and hair. I mix a scoop into my coffee every morning (tons of posts about that!) and my skin is firmer at age 50 than it was ten years ago.  Many of my friends have had similar results.  I also love their Collagen Beauty Greens, which are powdered greens combined with marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, and probiotics.  Oh, and they offer free, fast shipping!



So many of their products are staples in my kitchen.  I use their Avocado Oil, Avocado Oil Mayo, and Chipotle Lime Avocado Oil Mayo on a regular basis, for their incredible taste and health benefits.

Primal Kitchen Foods


Thrive is an online market that carries many of the healthy products that I use on a daily basis at a 25 to 50 percent discount.  I love having them delivered to my door (free shipping on orders over $49) in cute, eco-friendly packaging.  The annual membership fee is $59.95, so it works out to five bucks a month.  Give it a try…your first month is free!  Here’s the link:

Thrive Market 1 month free trial


After clearing and improving my skin with the right foods, I became obsessed with making it even better with natural skin care.  Annmarie Gianni makes wildcrafted, organic skin care.  Some of my favorite products include their Aloe Herb Cleanser, Rosemary Toner, and Anti-Aging Serum.  They offer awesome sample kits for $10 that include a coupon good for $10 off your next order.  Plus they ship sample kits anywhere in the world for free!  You can’t lose!

Annmarie Gianni


Raw Elements makes the most amazing sunscreen using Zinc Oxide, the safest and most effective sunblock available.  It is combined with organic ingredients that nourish your skin, and is reef-safe.  I particularly like their tinted formulas.

Raw Elements  use the code “happyhealthyandhot10” for 10% off your order

100% PURE

100% Pure is a line of natural, fruit dyed cosmetics, skin care, hair care and more.  I use their shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body lotion, as well as some of their makeup.  Not only do I love the products, I love the fact that they offer free shipping and free returns on all orders.

100% Pure


Telluride Glow makes an amazing, multi-tasking beauty oil called Alpine Pure Oil.  Originally designed as a facial oil, you can pretty much use it anywhere.  I love to pat it into freshly cleansed skin right before bed.  I also rub it into the dried out ends of my hair, and my cuticles.  Love the scent, love the pure ingredients, love everything about this product!

Alpine Pure Oil by Telluride Glow  Get 10% off using my code “happyhealthyandhot”


I’m really big on drinking lemon water in the morning, and just generally staying hydrated.  My Daniel Glass helps me do that.  Daniel is a hip and stylish glass water bottle with a colorful silicone sleeve to protect from breakage.

My Daniel Glass  Use my code “happyhealthyandhot” for 10% off!


This company, founded by male model Andy Hnilo, makes a clay mask with the most amazing ingredients, including active vitamin C.  It is truly like a spa treatment at home.  My skin glows afterwards!

Alitura Naturals


Seriously, who doesn’t love Amazon?  Below this paragraph is a link to my Happy, healthy and hot Amazon store.  This contains many products I have mentioned on the blog: pantry items, beauty products, books, and some items that are too strange to even have a category, like a mini trampoline (you will love it!!!!) and the crazy orange goggles I wear before bed to block out blue light.  If you buy from that link (or the links embedded in some of my posts) I receive a small commission, which helps support the costs of maintaining this little blog of mine.

Happy, healthy and hot!


I recently discovered a local company producing one of my favorite foods…grass fed ghee! Simply Ghee is absolutely delicious and full of wonderful fat soluble vitamins that your body needs.  Check out their website.  You can order online or find out where to buy it.


If you notice my nails looking extra cute, it’s probably because I’m wearing Jamberry nail wraps.  These are free of the five highly toxic ingredients found in many polishes.  If you are interested in having cute nails too, check out this link.

Jamberry Nail Wraps


I always like to spread the word about people who are trying to make the world a better place.  Here are some blogs that I really enjoy:

Primally Inspired by Kelly Winters is one of my very favorites.  Kelly has a really positive vibe that I love.  Her blog is a mix of healthy recipes, lifestyle tips and even fashion.  Her posts are typically a little longer and more detailed than mine…again, we all have our own style.

The Merry Maker Sisters are real sisters from Australia.  Emma and Carla are so much fun!  They share lots of whole food, paleo-ish recipes, especially festive desserts, and have just started a podcast about building a business based on doing what you love.

Jenni Raincloud has a great lifestyle blog, with lots of info on DIY skin care with the most natural ingredients.  Jenni also has an Etsy shop where she sells many of the same products she gives recipes for, for those that don’t want to make their own. I love her eye stick!

Mark’s Daily Apple is a blog that I have followed for years.  Mark Sisson is a leader in the paleo/primal movement, and has written many best selling books on health and fitness.  There is a new post every day, ranging from real life success stories, recipes, fitness tips, and much more.  Many of the posts contain links to studies backing up the information given.  If I need detailed info on a particular health related subject, this is one of my first stops.


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  1. Hi Elizabeth. I was just wondering if you have an essential oils line you love. There are so many out there and I was wondering what good oils there were that won’t break the bank. They are expensive, but I’d like to use oils that quality, too. Thank you so much. I love your blog and e-mails each week!

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