I’m back…

from a quick trip to Cape May, NJ.

One of my favorite places, and a town known for tons of good food.

And I’m here to tell you that you can totally enjoy yourself on a road trip, and still feel happy, healthy and hot when you travel.  

hhh travel tips

I went live on Instagram to share my best tips, and I’ll share them here too…

On the road:

During your actual travel time, whether by car, train, plane or whatever, keep some healthy snack options handy.  I look for items that contain a mix of fat and protein, and are not messy or smelly.  Some of my favorites are raw nuts, dried coconut chips (look for unsweetened,) and the Macadamia Sea Salt Collagen Bars from Primal Kitchen Foods.  This keeps me from buying crappy rest stop or airport food.

When you reach your destination:

Hit the nearest grocery store so you have some healthy options, especially if you have access to a fridge.  Having some berries, raw veggies and maybe hardboiled eggs on hand is great to tide you over if you’re starving when you come off the beach and dinner is not for a few hours.  Without a fridge you could still grab stuff like nuts or the little cans of tuna that open without a can opener.

Eating out:

Don’t be afraid to speak up for what you want.  Maybe it’s doubling up the veggies and no potato.  I always ask that my omelets are served without potatoes or toast.  Many places will give you fruit or sliced tomatoes instead.  And if you want the french fries…go for it.  But don’t eat stuff just because it’s in front of you.

Working out:

If you are one of those people that gets up early and hits the hotel gym first thing in the morning, more power to you.  I am not one of those people.  But any time I travel I look for ways to stay active and typically do a ton of walking.  Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is great too.  And most mornings I’ll do a mini workout before I hop in the shower…usually just some planks and squats.


It goes without saying…protect your skin.  Sunburn can make a trip miserable.  I love Sun Love from Annmarie Skincare on my face.  It’s a lightly tinted zinc oxide formula with ingredients that are truly nourishing for the skin.  When I travel I love to use multipurpose items.  The coconut body oil from Annmarie is a good example.  I use it all over my body but it’s completely safe and gentle to use on your face.  I love it for taking off water proof mascara or just as a facial oil.

Can these simple tips help you feel happy, healthy and hot when you’re on vacation?  Absolutely!

You’ll be happy having a great time while keeping up with some healthy habits.  And with that glowing skin and fit body you’ll definitely be hot!


Macadamia Sea Salt Bars from Primal Kitchen Foods  save 10% with my code HAPPYHEALTHYANDHOT

Sun Love from Annmarie Skincare  get a generous sample for $5 by going through my link





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