This chia pudding bowl…

is so yummy.

pudding eliz

It’s also loaded with ingredients that are amazing for your skin and body.

And I actually made mine look pretty!

pudding outside

This is such an easy recipe and can be breakfast, a snack or dessert.  Here’s what I used:

Chia seeds are a great plant based source of essential fatty acids and contain plenty of fiber. They contain antioxidants that are important for the health of your skin.  Chia is also what thickens the pudding.  I use white chia seeds only because the darker ones don’t look as nice in the pudding.  Either kind will work.

Cashew milk was my liquid of choice, but feel free the use whatever nut or coconut milk you have on hand.  I really like Elmhurst brand for the clean ingredients and creamy taste.

Vanilla Coconut Collagen Fuel from Primal Kitchen Foods adds additional protein and flavor.  The collagen helps to firm the skin and strengthen hair and nails,  Since it’s sweetened with monk fruit extract there is no sugar in this pudding except for whatever is found in the nut milk.

Spirulina is a blue green algae that is loaded with health benefits.  It is known for detoxing heavy metals and may have some cancer preventative properties.   I also love the blue green color that it adds to the pudding.  Don’t have spirulina on hand?  No problem.  The pudding will still turn out great!

I had fun garnishing this with blueberries, kiwi, shredded unsweetened coconut and even a sprinkle of more spirulina, but you can use whatever you like.

This recipe makes a single serving that is filling enough for a small meal.  It can easily be doubled, tripled, whatever you like.

Chia pudding keeps in the fridge for a few days, so you can have some on hand to grab when you need a quick healthy snack.

happy, healthy and hot chia pudding

three tablespoons white chia seeds

one cup nut or coconut milk of choice (I like Elmhurst brand)

two scoops Vanilla Coconut Collagen Fuel from Primal Kitchen Foods

pinch of spirulina (optional)

This is too easy…put everything in the blender and blend on high for a few seconds.  Add more spirulina if you want more color.  Pour into serving dish and chill for at least fifteen minutes.  Keeps in the fridge for several days.  Decorate with toppings when ready to serve.

Can this chia pudding help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Definitely!

You’ll be happy enjoying a delicious treat made with truly healthy ingredients.  Eating this way supports firm, glowing skin and a fit body…very hot!


Primal Kitchen Vanilla Coconut Collagen Fuel  use my code HAPPYHEALTHYANDHOT for 10% off

Thrive Market  great place to buy chia seeds, spirulina and all kinds of fun stuff at 25-50% off.  Go through my link to save an additional 25% on your first order







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