Driving with the top down…

walking on the beach…

playing in the pool on a unicorn floatie…

unicorn fun in the sun

I can’t wait for summer!

And since I want to look cute while I’m doing all these fun things, I make sure to protect my skin from the sun.

The problem is, some of the things we use to protect our skin from sun damage can cause other kinds of damage.

The chemicals found in conventional sunscreens can be harmful to your skin, and some only protect against the burning UVB rays, still allowing damage from UVAs.  Not only that, the chemicals in most sunscreens have contributed to some major water pollution, causing serious damage to coral reefs.  Not cool.

Zinc oxide is a safe alternative that provides a physical sunblock for broad spectrum protection.  Meaning it protects from both types of UV rays.

The problem with zinc oxide is that it can give you that pasty white look.  Which is not great when you’re trying to take cute pics on a unicorn!  Or just look cute in general.

But don’t worry, I’ve found some sunscreens that are free of nasty chemicals AND that pasty white look.

Sun Love from Annmarie Skincare is one of my all time faves.  It combines the protection of zinc oxide with super clean ingredients like hemp and pumpkin seed oils that are truly nourishing for your skin.  It also has a subtle tint that keeps it from giving you that chalky white look.

Sun Love has an SPF of 20 and is designed to be used as a facial sunscreen, although you can use it anywhere.  You can use it on it’s own or underneath your makeup.  It’s moisturizing but never feels greasy.  The best way to apply it is to gently pat it on to your skin, rather than rubbing.

Annmarie Skincare offers a generous sample of Sun Love for only $5, with free shipping.  You’ll also get a coupon for $5 off of the full size tube, so it’s like getting the sample for free.

Here’s a link if you want to check it out:  Annmarie Skincare $5 Sun Love Sample

Raw Elements makes a great zinc oxide sunscreen for when you need coverage all over.  This is another brand with super clean, nourishing ingredients.  They make a tinted and un-tinted version.  The tinted is considered their facial formula, but since it is so reasonably priced I actually use it on my body.  You can certainly use it on your face, but you’ll want to use it on its own.  It has an oiler feel than Sun Love so it would be hard to put makeup on top.

To make Raw Elements even more reasonable, I have a discount code for you.  Use HAPPYHEALTHYANDHOT10 to save 10% at checkout.  Here’s a link:  Raw Elements

Beautycounter is yet another amazing company that offers super clean sun protection using zinc oxide.  I have not tried their sunscreens yet, but have been so thrilled with their other products that I know these will be equally amazing.  I’ve heard especially good things about their Protect Stick SPF 30 for face, and will be ordering one for myself to give it a try.

Here’s a link to check out Beautycounter’s safer sun protection:  Beautycounter Sunscreen

So, can using safe and natural sun screens help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  For sure!

You will be happy knowing your skin is protected with products that are truly healthy for your body and the environment.  And a girl with pretty skin having fun in the sun is always hot!


Annmarie Skincare $5 Sun Love sample

Raw Elements use HAPPYHEALTHYANDHOT10 for 10% off



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