Since Easter is right around the corner…

it’s a good time to address sugar cravings.

bunny ears eliz

Because there is something so appealing about all of that chocolate and marshmallow wrapped up in pretty pastel colors.  I am such a sucker for seasonal packaging.

I could give you dozens of reasons why you should avoid sugar.  

But I’m going to give you just one…because it really struck home for me.

Sugar causes wrinkles.


Drop the mike.

What more do you need to know if you want to be happy, healthy and hot?  

Sugar causes wrinkles through a process called glycation.  This is where extra sugar molecules attach themselves to collagen.  Skin becomes less elastic and more wrinkle prone.

Sure, sugar is tied in with lots of other problems too.  Like insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, obesity and inflammation.  Higher sugar consumption has even been linked to certain forms of cancer.

I think everyone is in agreement that we should eat less sugar.  But it’s not always easy.  Because sweet things just taste so good.

So here are some things that have helped me dramatically reduce my sugar cravings:

The biggest thing that has helped me reduce my sugar cravings is to get more high quality fat into my diet.  Consuming enough fat optimizes the levels of leptin in your body.  Leptin is a hormone that regulates satiety.  I blend coconut oil into my coffee every morning, cook with avocado oil and grass fed butter, and eat plenty of avocados, eggs, fatty fish like salmon, and grass fed meat.  For more about fat, and why you don’t need to be afraid of it, read this post:  The F word

Something else that helps me with sugar cravings is getting adequate protein.  Along with coconut oil, I blend collagen peptides into my coffee every day.  That way even if I don’t eat for awhile, I’m starting off with protein.  Eggs, fish and grass fed meat are my favorite protein sources.  I snack on nuts and sometimes rely on a shake on a busy day.

I have noticed that the more leafy greens I eat, the fewer cravings I have.  Fresh green drinks are a staple for me…I blend spinach or baby kale with a whole peeled lemon almost every day.  If you don’t like green drinks, here’s a whole post on easy ways to use baby spinach:  If you do nothing else this week…

And finally, sleep.  Lack of sleep increases production of the hormone ghrelin, which in turn increases appetite.  I have definitely found this to be true.  And it’s not usually an appetite for balanced, healthy meals.  More like sugar and carbs.  I have always struggled with sleep.  A dark, cool room really helps.  So does avoiding blue light from your devices at night.  I’m working on that one, lol!

Just so we’re clear, I still indulge in treats from time to time.  But I have a much healthier relationship with sugar than I had in the past.

I’ve posted tons of recipes here on this website for treats that use lower glycemic sweeteners.  But I don’t eat this stuff every single day.  Here are just a few:

chocolate chip cashew butter cookies

chocolate dipped coconut cookies

Can reducing sugar cravings and cutting back on sugar consumption help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Hell yeah sister!

You’ll be happy that sugar is not making you crazy anymore.  Avoiding excess sugar helps you lead a healthy lifestyle, which in turn improves your skin and can help you lose weight.  And with that gorgeous skin and fit body you’ll be hot for sure!


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