Wish your fridge was magically stocked…

with healthy, delicious food?

fridge eliz

Yeah, me too.
Well, it’s not quite magic, but I’ve found the next best thing.

Paleo Cooking Bootcamp is a new offering from one of my favorite companies, Primal Blueprint.  It’s an online course that gives step by step instructions to make an entire week’s worth of meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks) in two hours of super focused cooking time.
Totally love the instructor, Katie French, who developed this system as a busy attorney who wanted to eat real food but had no time during the week to prepare it.
When you enroll you get all of the course material at once, but it’s designed to take you through four weeks of meal prep…basically a month’s worth of food.
Not only do you get great videos explaining everything, you also get detailed shopping lists for each week so you know exactly what to buy, and written instructions that accompany the videos.  Katie offers tips on cleaning out your panty, organizing your fridge and tons of time savers.
If you want to make your life easier and have a fridge full of delicious, healthy food all ready to go, here’s a link to learn more:
I consider myself to be pretty competent in the kitchen and I definitely learned a few new tricks from Katie!
The recipes are all multi-purpose…for example, a yummy breakfast casserole (eggs, sausage and veggies with a crispy sweet potato crust!) that could serve as breakfast, lunch or even a quick snack.
I just made the Paleo Winter Ragu and it is soooo good!  It’s a hearty meat sauce loaded with extra veggies.  Katie suggested serving it over spaghetti squash, and gave detailed instructions on how to make perfect spaghetti squash.  But you could totally use zucchini noodles or any of the other precut veggie noodles in the produce section.  And I can’t wait to try the cauliflower Buffalo wings.
I do want to point out that you will not have a completely different dinner every night of the week.  You’ll be creating several large entrees that you can mix and match.  Cooking this way makes so much sense for busy people.
Something else I love about this course…great bonus material.  Totally enjoying the Primal Blueprint Quick and Easy Meals ebooks.  You will never run out of ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
So no, it’s not magic, but Katie French makes healthy cooking easy and fun.  It is so helpful to watch everything on video and see exactly how it’s done.
Do your big shopping on Saturday, spend two hours on Sunday cooking up a storm (and listening to music…lmk if you need suggestions!)  Then you’ll have a week’s worth of meals ready to go.
So, can Paleo Cooking Bootcamp help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  You know it!

You’ll be happy knowing your fridge is full of healthy meals.  Eating this way has so many benefits, including better skin, more energy, and a fit body…very hot!



Paleo Cooking Bootcamp


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