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annmarie promo eliz

I’m running a  special promo/giveaway with Annmarie Skincare during the month of October that is just for happy, healthy and hot followers.

If you’re not familiar with Annmarie Skincare, you should be!

Annmarie Skincare is one of my favorite lines, for their super clean ingredients (think wild crafted herbs) and effective formulas.  The fact that they smell like a high end spa doesn’t hurt either.

Their Anti Aging Serum is one of my favorite products ever.  It’s the first thing I reach for when I get out of the shower in the am.  The hyaluronic acid has an immediate moisturizing and plumping effect, and the herbal extracts protect against environmental stressors.

One of the best ways to try this line is with their $10 sample kits.  You get sample sizes of two products geared toward your skin type, and shipping is free anywhere in the world  And to top it all off, you get a coupon  for $10 off a full sized product.

Talk about a win-win!

During the month of October (which is almost over!), anyone who purchases a $10 sample kit through my link will automatically be entered to win the Annmarie Skincare Travel Set of their choice.

Remember this is just for my happy, healthy and hot followers.  Your odds are pretty good!

So if you want to try some awesome natural skincare without a huge commitment, order yourself a sample kit.  That’s how I got started with these products.

Can Annmarie Skincare help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Absolutely!

You’ll be happy using products that make you feel so pampered.  The ingredients are completely clean, natural and healthy for your skin.  And with that glowing skin from using these amazing products you’ll be totally hot!


Annmarie Skincare $10 sample kit (free shipping anywhere in the world and $10 off a full size product!)





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