I love this fall salad

I also love “Friends” by Justin Bieber.  And my new Lucky jeans with grey suede peep toe booties.

But let’s talk about the salad.

fall salad eliz

It’s such a great mix of flavors and you can throw it together in a few minutes.  No measuring needed and no crazy ingredients.

Organic spring mix is the base of this salad.  This is a simple way to get a variety of greens into your diet.  The exact greens used will vary depending on the brand, but spring mix generally contains a decent amount of vitamins C and K.   I love that it comes pre washed so I can throw a salad together quickly.

Red grapes add crunchy sweetness.  They also provide vitamin K and copper, as well as a wide variety of phytonutrients and antioxidants.  When you think antioxidant, think anti-aging!

Walnuts help to balance the sweetness.  They are higher in skin loving omega 3’s than most nuts, as well as vitamin E and numerous phytonutrients.  Walnut consumption has been linked to a decrease in certain forms of cancer.

Balsamic vinegar is said to help with digestion and circulation.  It contains about three grams of sugar per tablespoon, but is so flavorful you don’t need much.

Extra virgin olive oil is amazing for you.  It’s loaded with monounsaturated fats and antioxidants.  Consuming a quality fat like this helps you absorb all those amazing nutrients from the produce.  Don’t be afraid of fat!  Since I have started consuming more fat, while pretty much eliminating processed carbs. I’ve never felt better and it’s easy to maintain my weight.

If you’re still on the fence about fat, read this recent post:  The F word

No real recipe here, just directions.  For one serving, just put a big handful of spring mix in a bowl.  Top with the grapes.  I like to cut them in half.  Add a small handful of walnuts, drizzle with the balsamic and EVOO, and dig in!  Sometimes this is all I need for lunch, but you could totally top with some protein (chicken or salmon would be great) if you like.

fall salad blue plate

Can this fall salad help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Oh yeah!

You’ll be happy eating something so simple and delicious.  The ingredients are all clean and healthy.  Eating this way, with plenty of high quality protein, good fat and antioxidant rich produce supports firm, glowing skin and a fit body.  And with that beautiful skin and body, you’ll be hot for sure!


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