“Pour Some Sugar on Me…”

My musical references are usually much more current.  But in this case a flashback to the ’80s seemed appropriate.  Nothing like a little Def Leppard.

pour some sugar on me

Sugar cravings are a common problem.  So I want to share some tricks to help keep them at bay.

Now, I could list dozens of reasons why you should avoid sugar.  But I’m going tell you the one that really works for me:

Sugar gives you wrinkles.

Boom.  Drop the mic.

It really does.  Extra sugar molecules attach themselves to collagen fibers through a process called glycation.  As a result, skin becomes less elastic and more wrinkle prone.

And yeah, it can cause other problems more serious than wrinkles, like insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, obesity. and inflammation throughout the body. Studies have shown that people consuming higher amounts of sugar are more likely to develop certain forms of cancer.

So I’m going to share some things that have helped me dramatically reduce my sugar cravings.

🍭  The number one thing that has helped me reduce sugar cravings is including more healthy fat in my diet, including avocados, coconut oil, olive oil, eggs, and even pastured butter.  This keeps my energy levels steady and cravings in check.  Consuming sufficient high quality fats has a favorable effect on the hormone leptin, which regulates satiety. Here’s a post just about healthy fats:  The F word

🍰  Consuming leafy greens can be really helpful as well.  I find that when I consume a daily green drink it’s way easier to resist sugar.  If you don’t have the inclination to load your blender up with produce every day, Collagen Beauty Greens from Vital Proteins is a great alternative.

🍩  Cutting out all sweeteners, even non-caloric and low glycemic ones, can make a difference.  For years, I sweetened my morning coffee with stevia.  For the past few months I have gone without, and notice that I want sugar less during the day.  Something about that sweet taste first thing in the morning makes me want more throughout the day.  And now that I’ve stopped using the stevia, I don’t even miss it.

🍧  Finally, sleep really helps!  I’ve always noticed that when I am not sleeping well, I crave more junk, and particularly sugar.  This is because lack of sleep increases production of the hormone ghrelin, which in turn increases appetite.  It’s not just quantity of sleep, it’s quality.  Sleeping in a dark cool room really makes a difference.  I wear a sleep mask and sometimes even ear plugs.

Just so we’re clear, I still enjoy some sweet treats from time to time.  But I have a much healthier relationship with sugar than I did in the past.

So can getting control of those sugar cravings help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Hell yeah!

You will be happy that you are not making yourself crazy over sugar.  Avoiding excess sugar helps you lead a more healthy lifestyle, which in turn improves your skin and can help you lose weight.  And with that gorgeous skin and fit body, you’ll be hot indeed!


Vital Proteins Collagen Beauty Greens



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