The girl at CVS taking my passport photo…

said “Give me a natural smile…no teeth.”

Wait…what?!  For me a natural smile is all teeth…that’s just how I smile.

Needless to say, my new passport photo sucks.  (Although it’s better than the last one.)

But about teeth…how can you keep them shiny and bright so you look extra cute in pics (and real life)?

sonicare eliz

For years I used Crest White Strips to keep my teeth white.  I have to admit…they totally worked.  But then my teeth started to get really sensitive.  The last time I used them was in 2012…I bought a fresh box of whatever the strongest formula was, and found the first one so painful that I never used them again.

I was determined to keep my teeth white, however, and had been hearing that activated charcoal worked well.  After the initial disaster involving a white tank top, I discovered that the charcoal worked just as well for me as the Whitestrips had, with no pain.  

Last summer I published a post on this (Whiter teeth without grief) but wanted to give an update, since I’ve found a few other options

Activated charcoal capsules are what I tried first (and wrote about in that original post.)  Messy, but they totally do the trick.  I just do everything over the sink.  Wet your toothbrush, cut open the capsule, and pour the contents onto the toothbrush.  I have tried pulling the capsules apart, but that makes even more of a mess than cutting them open.  Trust me on this one!  Brush gently for at least two minutes, then carefully rinse.

I usually do this before I shower, since I am very messy and end up with some on my lips and sometimes all over my face.  It goes without saying to wear something old and dark when you do this.  Or better yet just do it naked.  You will also need to clean the sink each and every time.

Next, I discovered My Magic Mud.  (Thanks Beth for introducing me!)  This company makes a tooth powder that combines activated charcoal with bentonite clay and some essential oils.  It is still messy, but not quite as bad, since it comes with a cute little scoop which makes it way easier to get the powder onto your wet toothbrush.

There’s also a toothpowder called Dirty Mouth.  They pretty much had me at the name.  I had a chance to sample this when I was at Paleo f(x), and liked it a lot too.  Dirty Mouth contains a blend of clays, baking soda and essential oils in addition to the charcoal.  It comes in an array of flavors…make sure you get one that is labeled as “whitening” since they don’t all contain the charcoal.

I should mention that I use a cheap toothbrush when brushing with activated charcoal, since it gets so messy.  But for every day use, my toothbrush of choice is a Sonicare.  

To get the best use out of your Sonicare, use it for the full two minute cycle (do some squats!) and replace the head at least every three months.  I recently discovered an awesome company called Brusher Club that mails replacement heads for your Sonicare or Oral B electric toothbrush so that you stay on schedule.

If you want to check out Brusher Club, they will send you your first replacement head for FREE…just use the code HAPPYHEALTHYANDHOT.

As far as how often you should brush with activated charcoal, I did it daily for about a week or so until I noticed a difference.  Now I just do it once or twice a week now.

Disclaimer here…I am not a dentist.  Just a girl who enjoys her daily coffee and occasional Pinot Noir and wants a pretty white smile.  Without spending a fortune or using a ton of chemicals.  This has worked great for me and many people I know that have tried it.

So, can brushing your teeth with activated charcoal help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  For sure!

You’ll be happy with your gorgeous white teeth.  Whichever product you choose, you know it has only healthy ingredients.  And a confident girl with a beautiful white smile is always hot!


Activated charcoal capsules

My Magic Mud

Dirty Mouth

Brusher Club replacement heads for Sonicare and Oral B electric toothbrushes delivered to your door.  Use the code HAPPYHEALTHYANDHOT to get your first replacement head free.




7 thoughts on “The girl at CVS taking my passport photo…

  1. Ha ha ha! I know what you mean about the passport photo; my recent one could stand in for a booking photo at the county jail. I hate pictures where I can’t smile. Must be a TSA facial recognition thing.
    Thanks for the update. I started using the charcoal (which I also take on vacation just in case I encounter some bad stomach thing…) after your original post on this topic.


    1. Yes apparently it’s a total facial recognition thing. I also had to change out of my white tank since it was a white background and they look at the slope
      of your shoulders. Go figure! So glad
      you are using the charcoal Primal Plum, and always love hearing from you!


  2. Hi Elizabeth! Have been considering an expensive tooth whitening system from my dentist – but so glad I read your article before hand! Have ordered some My Magic Mud, hoping it does the trick 🙂 I’m very inspired by your website and am considering making the jump back to primal back so I can start feeling more comfortable in my myself again. Thank you for sharing your journey and tips with us.


    1. Hey Melissa…thanks for checking in! Let me know how you make out with your teeth. And yes to jumping back to Primal! Not sure if you know I’m on Instagram… @resnickelizabeth I post 2-3 times a day so even more info there:)


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