Love this multi-tasker…

and love the special deal I have just for you!

I’ve been using Alpine Pure Oil from Telluride Glow for over a year.

I have access to a lot of products, so when I stick with something it’s for a reason!

telluride glow discount

Alpine Pure Oil is a blend of premium botanical oils, including jojoba, rosehip seed, argan, evening primrose, sea buckthorn….the list goes on and on.  It’s like a superfood for your skin.  Absolutely no fillers…every ingredient is nourishing.

I use it mostly as a night time facial oil.  After cleansing, I gently pat this all over my face and neck.  It smells amazing, and absorbs beautifully.  And there’s nothing like waking up with glowing skin!

If you’re already using this oil, and want to know about the deal…here you go!  For a limited time you can get 20% off using the code HAPPYHEALTHYANDHOT.  No one else is getting this discount!  This expires July 23, so don’t wait.  Here’s a link:

Alpine Pure Oil from Telluride Glow

This is such a great product for travel, since there are so many ways you can use it!

I like to rub a tiny bit into the ends of my hair when they are dry (which is pretty much all the time!)  In winter, it helps keep it from getting static when I wear my beanies (which is also pretty much all the time.)

You can use it to remove makeup, as a cuticle oil, and even a body oil.  Makes your legs shimmer!

If your skin is dry in the morning, it works great under mineral makeup.

And since it’s a two ounce bottle, you can bring it in your carry-on if you are flying.  And pretty much use it for everything.

Really, I can’t say enough nice things about this stuff!  Here’s the original review I wrote last summer:

Magical multi-tasker…

Feel free to share this post with anyone you think might be interested, because you can’t get this discount anywhere else!

telluride glow blue backround
Oh, and the gorgeous packaging is a nice bonus!

Can Alpine Pure Oil from Telluride Glow help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  For sure!

You will be happy using such a luxurious oil (and even happier getting it for 20% off!)  It is made from pure plant oils that are truly healthy for your skin.  And the glowing skin that results from using it is definitely hot!


Alpine Pure Oil from Telluride Glow use the code HAPPYHEALTHYANDHOT for 20% off through 7/23/17 only





2 thoughts on “Love this multi-tasker…

  1. Great review! I’ll definitely check it out. Loved this entry. I just found your blog today and I’m definitely following to keep up with the rest of your content. Looking forward to your future posts! I would love it you could stop by sometime! We support a really great cause.
    Mena |

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  2. Hey Mena, just checked out your website…the bracelets are gorgeous and what a great cause! Thanks for visiting happy, healthy and hot…I’m more active on Instagram than I am here on the blog, so if you want to stay up to date, follow me @resnickelizabeth Loved the rose quartz!!!


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