Here’s what I ate…

on a random Saturday.  July 1st, to be exact.

mango avocado eliz
The mango and avocado were part of my lunch

Why am I telling you this?  Because I get a lot of questions from people who think it is going to be really hard and time consuming to eat the way I do.  So I’m showing you a day where I didn’t make much effort, but totally loved everything.

I started my day like I usually do...Javazen organic coffee blended with Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides, Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil, and some Kerrygold unsalted butter.  This tastes amazing and holds me for hours.  The Brain Octane keeps me focused and energized, and the Collagen has made my skin firmer now than it was ten years ago.  I’m pushing 51, so that’s really saying something.

The coffee was around 6:00.  I didn’t even think about eating until 10:00.  Didn’t have much time, so quickly scrambled two pastured eggs in some Kerrygold butter (the regular kind) and threw in some spinach.  Topped the finished product with tons of Frank’s Red Hot.  I’m strangely addicted to that stuff.

I also picked at some berries that I was prepping for a sangria recipe, and had a few chunks of coconut meat that I had bought at Wegmans.  Fun snack!


I didn’t get hungry again until around 2:00.  Since avocados have such a limited window of opportunity, I decided to cut up the perfect one I had on hand, along with a ripe mango.  With a little lime juice squeezed on top, this was really delicious.

mango avocado

I also ate a few red bell pepper strips with a huge dollop of a tahini dip/salad dressing that I’ll be posting soon.  It’s addictive!

While I was at Target later in the afternoon I felt a little hungry, and bought a bag of Blue Diamond Almonds.  Totally plain.  Ate two handfuls while I shopped.  I purposely bought almonds rather than macadamias.  With macadamias I cannot stop!

Early evening I was testing a sangria recipe (listen, creating content for happy, healthy and hot is hard work) so that involved red wine and mixed berries.  Don’t worry, I’ll be posting it soon!

Most nights I want a “real dinner”.  As in, protein and veggies. But I had some brussels sprouts roasted with bacon in the fridge, so I decided to just eat those.  Ate a few more pieces of the coconut while I was working on my Macbook, and called it a night.

Throughout the day I sipped on lemon water and some mango flavored seltzer that I picked up when I ran into the grocery store.

I felt comfortably full and satisfied, and enjoyed everything I ate.

Do I know what my macros were?  How many grams of protein, fat and carbs?  Calories?  Hell no!  I don’t have time for that.

Everything fell within the paleo/primal template that I follow, but I certainly wasn’t counting or measuring anything.  I was just eating real food.

A few things that were unusual  about this day…I typically have a second cup of coffee at some point in the afternoon.  There was less animal protein than usual.  Just the eggs, a tiny bit of bacon and collagen.  And also…no chocolate!  I usually sneak in a few squares of some super dark chocolate.  Or maybe a handful of chocolate chips.

For more quick meal ideas, follow me on Instagram @resnickelizabeth .  I post several times a day, so there’s lots of stuff that never makes it over to the website.

Is it hard to eat this way?  No.

There are a few items, like pastured eggs, that I’ll go out of my way for.  But since they are so fresh I only buy them every few weeks.

Some of my happy, healthy and hot staples, like the collagen and Brain Octane Oil, I order online.  So they’re delivered to my door.  No effort there.

I do buy produce pretty frequently.  But I’m just in and out…no need to run all over the store.  I might eat a lot of the same thing for a few days (like when all the avocados get ripe at once!)

On this particular day, I managed to knock out a ton of writing, take KO on multiple walks, and run a bunch of errands.  Oh, and I squeezed in some #assandabssummer moves.  Sadly, no nap!

So can eating simple, clean meals help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Absolutely!  That’s what this website is all about!

You will be happy eating delicious and satisfying food.  Eating this way provides your body with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.  And I’m always making sure to include foods that specifically support your skin, hair and nails, and can help with weight loss or maintenance.  With that fit body and gorgeous skin, hair and nails, you will be hot for sure!


Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil

Javazen Organic Coffee

Super Skin Foods…get my free PDF




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