Cold brew, part two

Do you cold brew?

I do!

It’s no secret that I ❤️  coffee, and I’m always looking for new ways to enjoy it.  Last year I wrote a post on my love for the cold brew coffee that is popping up everywhere.  Here it is:

Do you cold brew?

cold brew eliz
It’s finally nice enough to enjoy my cold brew outside.  And I don’t really understand this shirt.

Cold brew coffee is just that…coffee that is brewed without heat.  Coffee grounds are mixed with cold water and allowed to sit in the fridge for up to 24 hours, then filtered.

Cold brew coffee is less acidic than traditionally brewed coffee, and has a smooth, mild taste.  It kind of spoils you for regular iced coffee.

You can find it in most coffee shops these days.  It started out in little local shops, but now you can even find it at Dunkin Donuts.  (Have to say, the DD cold brew isn’t bad.  And they offer almond milk now!)

You can also buy it bottled.  Chameleon Cold Brew is a personal favorite of mine.  Partly because I love the smooth taste of their organic coffee, and partly because I have a thing for chameleons (and reptiles in general).

But what about making it at home?

Well you can, but it was always kind of a pain in the ass.

A few summers ago, I tried making it following some instructions that I found online.  It was a huge, messy production that involved several large mason jars, a funnel, multiple coffee filters that did not stay where they were supposed to in the funnel, and soggy coffee grounds everywhere.  Including all over my cute white v neck tee.

Later, I got a little device called the Toddy.  The Toddy is a cold brew system that has been around for years (long before the craze) and it makes delicious cold brew.  Problem is, takes up a lot of space in the fridge, and there is still some awkwardness (and mess) when you filter the coffee.

Now that the weather is (finally!) warming up, I’m feeling that cold brew vibe.  And I recently discovered a handy little gadget that I am loving.

It is called the Zell Cold Brew Coffee Maker, and I found it on Amazon for only $14.99.  Plus it’s on Prime, so it was at my door in two days.  Always nice!

Here is what I love about it…the Zell makes approximately a quart of cold brew coffee with zero mess.  It is a glass pitcher with a fine mesh filter that hardly takes up any room in the fridge.  It also comes with a second mesh filter for making fruit infused water.  I’ve been so busy making cold brew that I haven’t tried that option.

Basically all you do is insert the filter, and fill it with the ground coffee of your choice.  I used about 3/4 of a cup.  Then you SLOWLY fill the pitcher with water.  If you don’t do it slowly, you could end up with a flood of wet coffee grounds.

Slap on the lid and place it the fridge for anywhere from 12-24 hours.  I like to go for 24.  And it’s ready.  You don’t even have to take the filter and coffee grounds out…just leave the lid on, pour over ice and enjoy.


Cold brew is so smooth that I can easily drink it black, which isn’t the case with traditionally brewed coffee.  Of course, nothing wrong with adding your choice of healthy creamer and some collagen peptides to firm up your skin!

I’ve been making my cold brew with Javazen Balance.  Totally love this blend of organic coffee, matcha and raw cacao.  Matcha and raw cacao are awesome for your skin, and this mix gives me a totally balanced, focused energy rather than a caffeine rush.  I’ve been pretty much hooked since I discovered it in January.

A few words of warning…my pitcher did not come with printed instructions.  But I received an email from the company before it arrived that contained a PDF with clear instructions.  And it’s pretty self explanatory anyway.

So there you have it!  Can drinking organic cold brew help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Yes it can!

You will feel happy enjoying a delicious and refreshing drink on a hot day.  Organic coffee is loaded with healthy antioxidants, and if you go with Javazen you will have the added skin benefits and focused energy from the matcha and cacao.  And a girl with great energy and glowing skin is always hot!


Zell Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Javazen organic coffee (use the code “happyhealthyandhot” for 10% off your first purchase)

Collagen peptides






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