I love to travel…

it’s great exploring new places and eating delicious food.

But it’s not all fun and games. ¬†Actually getting to where you’re going, especially if you are flying, can be a complete pain in the ass. ¬†So I wanted to tell you how I survive getting to and from my destination.

airport eliz
All I need…my phone and a venti iced coffee with almond milk!

Here are the deets from a recent travel day…

We were fortunate to be staying in a hotel (Wyndham Tampa Bay) that offered a continental breakfast on the club level.

So in the am I ran in to grab some freshly brewed coffee and wonderful berries. ¬†I poured some half and half in the coffee…usually I pack a healthy non-dairy creamer (love nutpods!) but for this trip I decided to wing it.

Back in the room, I mixed my Collagen Beauty Greens with some water.  It is so easy to throw the canister in my suitcase, and I know I will be getting organic greens and collagen every morning.

Two of my travel essentials…Macbook and Beauty Greens

I was still hungry (tons of walking) so I also had a Dark Chocolate Almond bar from Primal Kitchen.  I always have a few healthy bars floating around in my purse.  A much better choice that any of the pastries or muffins offered in the club room.  This one has 15 grams of protein and only 3 grams of sugar.

After some last minute sight seeing we headed to the airport, where I ordered a venti iced coffee with a generous splash of almond milk at Starbucks.  This is pretty much a tradition for me with any plane ride.

I had planned on getting one of the Starbucks bistro boxes along with it…probably the one with the hardboiled egg, almond butter, grapes and apple slices. ¬†I always just throw away the little biscuit that comes with it. ¬†Sadly, no bistro boxes.

I didn’t want to end up hungry and grumpy, so at the last minute I grabbed a turkey and cheddar sandwich that had baby kale instead of lettuce. ¬†I removed the bread and ate this before boarding.

Perfect meal? ¬†No. ¬†Of course not. ¬†It’s rare for me to eat dairy twice in one day, and the turkey was overly salted. ¬†Plus it wasn’t very exciting. ¬†But it was the best choice given the circumstances.

I was happy to have my venti iced coffee on the plane, and kept myself entertained with books on my kindle app.

Dinner that night was a bowl from Qdoba, since there was nothing in the fridge.  I did chicken, pico, guac, and lettuce.  No need for rice, beans or chips.  Just a nice serving of protein, veggies and healthy fat.

The next day I was right back on track with my blended coffee and green drink in the am.

So what could I have done differently? ¬†Next time I’ll remember my nutpods. ¬†They taste great with no dairy or added sugar…they’re even Whole30 approved. ¬†I’ll also make sure to have more bars in my bag, and maybe pack some nuts or jerky.

A few other airport survival tips:

Dress in comfortable layers.  For me this means leggings and a tank with a few layers on top.

Slip on shoes are a must for getting through security.

Have more entertainment than you think you need.  I always have a few books on my kindle app, some podcasts downloaded and ready to go, and a notebook.

Allow extra time…for some reason I am always the person selected for a pat down or having my bags completely ransacked.

Can you feel happy, healthy and hot on a travel day?  Absolutely!

You will be happy heading to your destination. ¬†With a tiny bit of effort you can make some healthy choices, even in an airport. ¬†And all those good choices lead to a fit body and glowing skin…very hot!


Collagen Beauty Greens


Primal Kitchen Bars



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