I haven’t been this excited since Jason Derulo released his last album.

BTW Jason, it’s time to release a new single.  And what about some tour dates in the Northeast?

But on to my latest obsession…

collagen fuel eliz bigger file



This new Vanilla Coconut Collagen Fuel from Primal Kitchen Foods.

Seriously, it covers all the bases…

high in protein and healthy fat, low in sugar, amazing for your skin, hair, nails and connective tissues.  Oh, and it tastes great!

It’s no secret that Primal Kitchen is one of my happy, healthy and hot favorites.  I love their bars, their avocado oil and their salad dressings.

But I usually shy away from any type of shake.  Because so many of them sneak in some crappy ingredients.  (Don’t get me wrong…there are some good ones out there too!)

This has the best, cleanest ingredient list I have seen.

The first ingredient is collagen from grass fed cows.  Collagen is the major component of our connective tissue, skin and bones.  As we get older, our bodies produce less of it.  Studies have shown that collagen helps improve skin, and may reduce joint pain in athletes.  It can even improve the quality of your sleep when consumed before bed.

I have been adding collagen to my diet for several years now, and have noticed the biggest difference in my skin.  It is firmer now, at the age of 50, than it was ten years ago. I have friends that have noticed scars diminish and have seen improvement in joint pain after making collagen part of their daily routine.

Coconut milk provides healthy fat that helps you stay satiated longer.  There is no dairy or whey in this shake, for those people (like me) that are sensitive.

Monk Fruit, also called Luo Han Goa, is a Chinese herb that is a natural non-caloric sweetener, so there is no sugar in this shake.  In fact, there are only five grams of net carbs.

Inulin and konjac root provide some soluble fiber, and vanilla extract and powder provide wonderful flavor.  While it is described as vanilla coconut, the vanilla what you really taste.

The directions say you can stir, shake or blend with water or the “milk” of your choice.

My blender was in the dishwasher but I couldn’t wait.  So I tried stirring.  It tasted great, but there were definitely some unappealing lumps.  Blending is the way to go!  (Even one of those cute blender bottles that you shake should work.)

I have tried it with just water and it tasted good, but was even better with macadamia milk. You could really use anything you like…almond milk, cashew milk, even actual dairy milk (always look for pastured milk!) if you tolerate dairy.  Think creamy vanilla shake…totally satisfied my sweet tooth while helping my skin, hair and nails!

(A little warning about macadamia milk…it is the most unappealing grey color you have ever seen.  Try not to look at it.  Seriously.)

Collagen Fuel has a vanilla taste that is amazing, and there is so much you could do with it.  I could totally see throwing in some fruit (raspberries, maybe?) to mix things up.  And I’ve been using it to make a pretty amazing vanilla latte…don’t worry, I’ll be sharing the recipe.  Probably in the next few days.

So can Vanilla Coconut Collagen Fuel help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Yes, yes and yes!

collagen fuel

You will be happy drinking something so delicious.  This product is loaded with healthy ingredients.  It’s like they took all my favorite things and blended them together.  And with that gorgeous skin, hair, nails and body…you will be smoking hot!


Vanilla Coconut Collagen Fuel




5 thoughts on “I haven’t been this excited since Jason Derulo released his last album.

  1. I thought this stuff was new! I happened across it when I was searching for something else at MDA! Thanks for the review. I really like my Vital Proteins collagen in the serving size packets, but this sounds like a one-stop collagen boost, when I don’t feel like mixing the VP into hot coffee or whatever.

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  2. Hey Primal Plum…I’m with you on the little packs of Vital Proteins collagen. I just threw a handful of them in my purse today, since I have a bunch of little road trips coming up. But this Collagen Fuel is amazing. Honestly like a delicious vanilla shake. I think I’ll use it even more in the summer.


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