Organic wine, delivered to my door?

Yes please!!!


I’m talking about Dry Farm Wines, the only health focused organic wine club in the world.

See, here’s the thing…

I’m not a big drinker, but I definitely enjoy a glass of Cabernet with a steak.  Or a really good Chardonnay on a sticky summer day.

Or, in the interest of keeping things real, sometimes it’s a glass of whatever is on hand while snacking on organic popcorn and watching Modern Family reruns.  In pajamas.

Most of us have heard of studies showing the health benefits of drinking wine, particularly red wine, in moderate amounts.  Those include improved heart health, lower risk of dementia, and even lower mortality rates.  Red wine has high concentrations of valuable antioxidants, like resveratrol, that have an anti-aging effect, particularly on our skin.

But I’ve noticed that many of those studies were done in other countries, where the residents are drinking local wines that are not highly processed.  And when I consume wine, sometimes I feel great, other times I have some puffiness around my eyes the next morning after even one glass.  Or a headache.  And that’s not surprising.

Almost all of the wine consumed in the U.S. is a highly processed factory product.  There are 76 chemical additives approved in the U.S. for use in making wine.  Some of those are coloring and sweetening agents referred to as “mega purple” and “ultra red.”  So that gorgeous color might not even be coming from the grapes!  Wines grown in the U.S. are almost always fed synthetic fertilizers, and are made with commercial yeasts, which can cause headaches.

Wines from Dry Farm are completely different.  They are from vineyards that use organic and biodynamic practices, and are fermented with native wild yeasts.  There are no additives, no sugar and no carbs.  (The sugar is completely used up in the fermenting process.)  They are less than 12.5% alcohol, which is lower than most wines.

You can enjoy a glass (or two) of Dry Farm Wine and wake up feeling awesome.  They fit in with a Paleo, Primal or low carb lifestyle perfectly.  (If you are doing a Whole30, you’ll need to wait for the reintroduction phase.)

Dry Farm Wines is a wine club, so you pick a delivery schedule and amount that works for you.  You can also pick from all red, all white, or mixed.  With your first order, you can add an extra bottle for a penny.  Seriously.  A penny.

With each shipment you’ll get a new assortment of artisanal wines from all over the world.  They are produced in small batches so the inventory is constantly changing.  Which means each shipment will be full of new discoveries!

I am totally loving the mixed case of reds and whites.  These wines tend to be on the dryer side, which is what I prefer.

Love this artisanal red in my stemless wine glasses from Target 😏

If you enjoy good wine and are trying to take the best possible care of your body, Dry Farm Wines is the perfect fit.  Having it delivered to your door makes it even better.

So, can ordering from Dry Farm Wines help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Absolutely!

You will be happy discovering wonderful organic wines from all over the world.  (Oh yeah, you’ll also be happy having wine delivered to your door!)  These wines are free of the harmful additives found in most wine sold in the U.S., so you can take advantage of the health benefits of wine, including the anti-aging effects of those antioxidants on your skin.  So you will look very hot while you’re sipping that wine.


Dry Farm Wines




3 thoughts on “Organic wine, delivered to my door?

  1. Love your glasses, Elizabeth! I need to look into this in the UK. I do like the odd glass of red wine, but I agree, it can sometimes make you feel rotten the next day. If we are being careful with what we eat, we should be careful with what we drink, too.


  2. Yes, I love the glasses too, Tanya! Harder to break and so festive! I’m definitely not a big drinker, but totally agree with you…if we are looking at putting the best quality of food into our bodies it should be the same with wine. And these really have been amazing!


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