Peppermint mocha sounded tempting to me…

when I parked myself at Starbucks on a cold Tuesday morning.

Now that the whole Pumpkin Spice Latte thing is dying down, Starbucks is promoting some pretty enticing holiday flavors.  Peppermint Mocha, Chestnut Praline Latte, and Caramel Brulee Latte all sound good.

When I’m at Starbucks (which is pretty much all the time) I stick to the basics…typically a brewed coffee or tea, or an Americano.  Their flavored drinks have way too much sugar for me.

But when I’m home, I love coming up with my own happy, healthy and hot coffee drinks inspired by seasonal flavors.



Here’s what I used to make a delicious peppermint mocha with skin loving ingredients…


I started with coffee, of course.  As long as you don’t over do it, coffee can be a good source of antioxidants.  Use organic whenever you can… coffee is a heavily sprayed crop.

Raw cacao powder is loaded with antioxidants, magnesium and polyphenols.  And the theobromine is said to increase energy.  What’s not to like?  If you don’t have raw cacao powder on hand, it’s not the end of the world.  You can use unsweetened cocoa powder, like Hershey’s, and you will still be happy, healthy and hot!

For more on the benefits of chocolate, read this post…it’s one of my faves.  Like Justin Bieber and Jason Derulo…

For the mint flavor, I used one tiny drop of peppermint essential oil.  This stuff is potent.  One drop is more than enough.  You could also use a tiny amount of peppermint extract.  DoTERRA happens to be the brand of peppermint essential oil that I use.  I like their products, but have also been pleased with oils from Young Living and Spark Naturals.

I use coconut oil everywhere, and this peppermint mocha is no exception.  Putting the drink in the blender makes it frothy and creamy.  Coconut oil is a healthy saturated fat that is amazing for your skin, hair and brain.

And of course I had to throw some collagen peptides in.  Because why not support gorgeous skin, hair and nails while you’re enjoying a tasty drink?  Collagen peptides are also awesome for all of your connective tissues, so drink up!

I sweetened the mocha with my favorite liquid vanilla stevia.  The vanilla rounds out the chocolate and peppermint flavors nicely, but you could also use plain stevia, a little coconut sugar or other natural sweetener of choice.

So here’s the official “recipe.”  I use this term loosely, since everything I post is very forgiving and flexible.  If you plan to double the recipe to share with a happy, healthy and hot friend, one drop of peppermint oil will still be enough.

happy, healthy and hot peppermint mocha


One cup (8 ounces) of freshly brewed coffee

One teaspoon raw cacao powder

One drop peppermint essential oil

Sweetener to taste…I used liquid vanilla stevia

One tablespoon coconut oil

One scoop collagen peptides

Put it all in the blender (I love my Vitamix, but any blender will work for this) and blend on high until frothy.  Sooooo easy.  Enjoy!

Oh, and if you missed my take on the legendary PSL, here’s a link:

Sometimes I think this whole pumpkin spice thing is out of control…

So, can my peppermint mocha help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  

You’ll be happy enjoying a delicious treat on a chilly day.  The ingredients are all very healthy.  The collagen peptides, coconut oil and even the cacao powder support glowing skin and a healthy metabolism.  And with that gorgeous skin and shapely body, you’ll be very hot!


Nutiva Coconut Oil

Raw Cacao Powder

Liquid Vanilla Stevia

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides


Thrive Market a membership is a great way to save on items like the coconut oil and cacao powder.  Your first month is free.  My first year with Thrive I saved over $400, so it was totally worth the annual fee of $59.95!



7 thoughts on “Peppermint mocha sounded tempting to me…

  1. I must try this, I love mint chocolate. Ihave some peppermint extract and I bet it makes you feel full of energy too. I’m loving the collagen, my partner told me I looked hot and a stranger told me I looked 26! I really don’t, but I was wearing a hat with a brim. I made some coffee with gingerbread spices: ginger and cinnamon, that was really nice too. I’m off to order some more collagen and maca powder.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tanya, your gingerbread coffee sounds great! I love all those warming spices in the winter (I’m drinking a chai right now). And so glad you are loving the collagen..I truly think it makes more of a difference than anything else I do!


  3. I always thought what I put in my body made more difference to my skin than what I put on it. All those expensive creams, some of them with questionable ingredients too.

    I realised I need new peppermint extract as mine is very old (I used to use it for baking) but I will be trying peppermint mocha soon. I think orange mocha would be delicious too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tanya the orange mocha sounds amazing…love the combo of orange and chocolate. Especially candied orange peel dipped in dark chocolate. You just inspired me to eat a clementine and a square of dark chocolate together and it was so good!


  4. Ahhh! That’s good! I too was at Starbucks (yesterday) and I was enchanted with the Christmas flavors. I used to love the peppermint mocha so I ordered a tall. Good thing, because it was way too sweet. I have been off sugar long enough that I can’t drink those sweet drinks anymore. I just made your recipe and it was far better. Now I’m feeling the Christmas cheer. . .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Totally agree with you Primal Plum…if I actually try any of those drinks they taste so overly sweet to me. That’s why I love making them at home. You can sweeten to taste and lessen the amount as you lose your taste for sweet. Plus love sneaking in the good stuff like collagen!


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