Before I hopped in the shower this morning…

I used Annmarie Skincare’s Ayurvedic Scrub to gently exfoliate my face.  And when I got out, I patted their Anti Aging Serum all over my face and neck.


These products are as much a part of my happy, healthy and hot routine as putting collagen peptides in my coffee each morning, and drinking lemon water.

And today (Sunday, October 30) you can get a special deal…

10% off Annmarie Skincare’s entire product line (except gift cards and trial sets.)

This special deal is in honor of Annmarie Gianni’s birthday.

If you want to hop over to their website right now, be sure to use the code “annslove10” to get the deal.  Here’s the link:

Annmarie Skincare Birthday Sale

To be happy, healthy and hot approved, products need to not only be made from pure and natural ingredients, they have to actually work.  Smelling great, nice packaging and some social consciousness is even better.  I want you to look and feel amazing!

Annmarie Skincare totally fits the bill.  Some of my favorite products are the Aloe Herb Cleanser, Ayurvedic Scrub, Anti Aging Serum, and Coconut Body Oil (that is great on your face as well!)

So keep on drinking your lemon water and putting collagen peptides in your coffee or tea. Firm glowing skin definitely starts on the inside.  But you can make it even better by using safe and nourishing products on the outside as well.

So, can the Annmarie Skincare Birthday Sale help you stay happy, healthy and hot?  I thought you’d never ask!

You’ll be happy saving money on great skin care.  These products are made with organic and wild sourced products that keep your skin healthy.  And of course that healthy, glowing skin, on your face and all over your body, is very hot!


Annmarie Skincare Birthday Sale use the code “annslove10” for 10% off on October 30

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides



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