silk + oil + jade =

beauty sleep!


Let’s start with the silk.  Recently I ordered a silk pillowcase from Amazon.  I’ve heard for years how sleeping on silk is better for your skin and hair.  No idea why it took me so long to try this.

One immediate benefit of sleeping on silk…

my hair gets much less tangled.  This is because silk is such a smooth surface that there is nothing for your hair to catch on.

To give you an idea, I usually have to put my hair in two braids to keep it from getting all knotted at night.  Think Melissa Gilbert in “Little House on the Prairie.”  Minus the prairie garb, of course.

With the silk pillowcase, I can totally skip that step.  My hair stays smoother and no knots. Now sometimes the braids are fun, like if I’m going for a beachy wave look the next day. But it’s nice that they’re no longer a necessity.

Here are some other benefits of sleeping on silk:

Compared to other fibers (especially cotton) silk has very little chemical exposure.  Which means your skin is exposed to fewer chemicals.

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic.  It’s also resistant to dust mites, fungus and mold.

The same “slip” that helps your hair stay smooth is good for your skin.  Sleeping on a silk pillowcase should reduce or eliminate those creases you can get from a regular pillow case.  

And one of the most important benefits (at least to me!) is that is just feels great.  Resting my tired head on a silk pillowcase after a long day is a treat.

I ordered my pillowcase on Amazon from a manufacturer called Lilysilk.  They use mulberry silk, which has the longest fibers, producing the smoothest material.

The pillowcase I purchased is silk on one side, cotton on the other, which keeps the cost down. There was a great selection of colors…I chose a gorgeous pale aqua.

So the silk pillowcase is pretty amazing.  But it gets even better!


For months now, I’ve been raving about Alpine Pure Oil from Telluride Glow.  Here’s my original review:

Magical multi-tasker…

And more recently I told you about my jade roller.  Which may sound a little crazy.  Here’s the jade roller post:

This ranks right up there with oil pulling….

Let me tell you, putting the Alpine Pure Oil all over my face and neck before bed, then using the jade roller, feels heavenly.  Throw in a silk pillowcase, and you are really getting your beauty sleep!

Combining the oil, jade roller and pillowcase makes for a wonderful nighttime routine.  It is becoming more and more common for me to run out the door in the am without makeup (well, except for my 100% Pure mascara!  I can’t live without mascara.)

So, does silk + oil + jade = happy, healthy and hot?  Indeed it does!

Having a pleasant night time routine that I can look forward to truly makes me happy. A consistent routine is very helpful in establishing a good sleep pattern, which is healthy.  And the glowing skin and glossy smooth hair that results is very hot!


Alpine Pure Oil by Telluride Glow use the code “happyhealthyandhot” for 10% off + a free travel size bottle (travel size bottle offer expires 10/31!)

Jade Roller

Silk Pillowcase

100% Pure  I love the Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening Mascara in Black Tea!


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