I ran into Starbucks…

(aka happy, healthy and hot headquarters) to work on a post.  I didn’t want my usual half-caf Americano with coconut milk, because it was too hot.  In fact, I decided I didn’t want coffee at all, just a little something to sip on while I worked.

evolution eliz

So here’s what I got:

Evolution Sweet Greens and Lemon, made with cold pressed celery, apple, cucumber, spinach, romaine, kale, lime, lemon and parsley.  And it was pretty tasty.  Definitely milder than some of the crazy badass concoctions I make at home.

evolution laptop

You know I love my green drinks.  Sometimes I make them myself in my Vitamix, sometimes I use Collagen Beauty Greens by Vital Proteins, and sometimes I grab one on the go.

This one was so good that it inspired me to try something similar at home.

See, here’s the thing… I really prefer blended green drinks made in my Vitamix to juices made with a juicer.  Here’s a post I wrote about blending vs. juicing last winter:  One question I get asked all the time.

I love getting the entire vegetable, including all that valuable fiber. Blended green drinks keep me full longer.  Oh yeah, and that juicer is a complete pain in the ass to clean.  But it takes me two seconds to rinse the Vitamix.

Here’s what I used:

Half of a cucumber, cut in chunks.  Since it was from a neighbor, I didn’t bother to peel it.  Cucumbers are an excellent source of silica, which strengthens skin, hair and nails.  Most of the silica is found in the peel.

Two stalks of celery, which gives us vitamin K and many other vitamins and minerals.

A lemon with the bitter yellow part peeled off.  Lemons are loaded with antioxidants and have an alkalizing effect on the body.  Oh, yeah, they taste great too!

A handful of parsley, which contains vitamin C and other skin supporting antioxidants. Parsley is also known to detox heavy metals from the body, similar to cilantro.

A Gala apple, cut into chunks.  Whole apples, which contain plenty of fiber and pectin, are helpful with blood sugar regulation.

I threw all of this stuff in my Vitamix, and added enough spring water to almost cover it. Then I let it rip, and blended until pretty smooth.  Less water would have made a thicker, shake like drink.

This didn’t taste exactly like the one at Starbucks.  For one thing, I didn’t use all of those ingredients.  I only like to buy enough produce to last a few days.  But it tasted really good. I liked the combo of sweet/tart/green.  The celery and cucumber were definitely milder green flavors than I generally use, and a nice change.

I like to have a big green drink first thing in the am (along with one of my crazy coffee drinks) and save some for later in the day.

So, can a green drink help you stay happy, healthy and hot?  I think you know the answer…a big YES!  Whether you use your own fresh produce, mix up some Collagen Beauty Greens, or grab a cold pressed Evolution or Suja, it’s all good!

Having a delicious and refreshing drink will make you happy.   Green drinks are loaded with nutrients that support the health of your entire body.  Consuming more produce can be helpful with weight control.  And the vitamin C supports production of collagen for firm, glowing skin.  So you’ll be hot indeed!


Vital Proteins Collagen Beauty Greens





2 thoughts on “I ran into Starbucks…

  1. That smoothie sounds delicious! I have a nutribullet and much prefer smoothies to juice (we used to have a juicer and I’m with you on cleaning it out – not fun!). Even quite “sweet” smoothies of mine often have spinach or various green powders in.

    I’d also like to say, thank you so much for your blog! I found you on MDA originally and really liked what you said. Lots of great ideas, I’m going to look into collagen that’s available in the UK too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So glad you are enjoying the blog Tanya! I always love hearing from you. Sounds like we have a lot in common. Yes, I’m loving this combo of flavors. I’ve been making a really huge one in the am and saving some for later. The lemon and apple together have a nice sweet/tart flavor that works well with greens. Let me know how you make out with collagen in the UK…it’s made such a difference for me!


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