His name is Daniel…

he’s adorable, and I love him.

daniel glass eliz

Meet my new water bottle.  From www.mydanielglass.com

Now if you want to cut to the chase and get yourself a Daniel Glass right this second, be sure to use the discount code “happyhealthyandhot” for 10% off!

Order a Daniel Glass

So, why do I love Daniel so much?

Well, for one thing, I like to think of myself as socially responsible.  I feel like crap when I am going through tons of plastic water bottles. There are some times that is unavoidable, but I feel better carrying a bottle that I can refill.

Everything tastes better in glass.  Totally clean, no plastic or metallic taste.

I am kind of lazy and prefer to throw something in the dishwasher instead of washing by hand.  My Daniel Glass is dishwasher safe.  I have a really cute travel cup from Starbucks that is hand wash only.  Guess which one I am using all the time now?

OK, but the main reason I love my Daniel Glass so much is because he is just so damn cute.  He holds 20 ounces of water, and is covered with a colorful silicone sleeve.  Mine is called “Island Love Affair.”

daniel glass towel
Gotta love it when your bottle matches your towel
daniel glass starbucks
Bonus points when your bottle matches your keyboard.  I can get a little crazy.

Other colors include “Don’t Lilac to Me”, “Shake it Cali”, “Yes Way Rose”, and “Peach, Don’t Kill My Vibe.”

Now Daniel isn’t perfect.  Because no guy is perfect.  Well, maybe Jason Derulo.

Since I like to keep things real, you need to know that Daniel is not completely leak proof.  Keep him upright.  He fits in most cup holders.

UPDATE!  As soon as I published this post, I heard from Jaron at Daniel Glass.  He was surprised about the leak and suggested I check if the silicone ring inside the cap was loose.  Problem solved.  So in addition to making the cutest water bottle ever, they have amazing customer service.  Win-win!

If you put really cold water in  Daniel, you will get some condensation like you do with any glass.  But with the silicone sleeve you can still keep a good grip.

Oh, and Daniel isn’t just for water.  You could throw in some iced matcha, some herbal tea…whatever you like.  Maybe a margarita.  I’ll meet you with some organic chips and homemade guac.  Use organic tequila, ok?

So, if you want to stay happy, healthy and hot, Daniel is the man.

You’ll be happy carrying around such a cute water bottle.  And we all know by now that being hydrated keeps us healthy.  It keeps our skin glowing, and is important to maintain a healthy weight.  So of course you’ll be very hot!


Daniel Glass Use the code “happyhealthyandhot” for 10% off

Sand Cloud Towels Use the code “ELIZR25” for 25% off





2 thoughts on “His name is Daniel…

  1. Hi Elisabeth,
    I have been searching for water battle in glass and looks like this one has a wide mouth and can fit in cup holder.I was dibeding on Bkr water bottle but has small opening also Kate Spade is nice but I did check reviews about not function cap.
    So if you can give me more info about Daniels battle does the cap properly works and is it thick enough not to break…
    Hope to hear from you.
    Have a great day.


    1. Hey Alex, thanks for checking out happy, healthy and hot! I really like my Daniel glass for the wide mouth…I can put fruit or ice in easily. I always keep it upright so cannot guarantee that lid is a perfect seal. It’s usually in my cup holder. If I have something other than water in there (like a green drink) I use a straw. They just introduced some new colors that are really cute and you can also buy additional sleeves so you can change them out. If you order be sure to use my code “happyhealthyandhot” so you get 10% off. Hope you’re having a great day!


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