Black bikini, cute coverup….

and “Can’t Stop the Feeling” is blaring.  Great summer song!  I’m all set for an afternoon at the pool.

pool full length
My cover up says “Coffee Completes Me”…so true!!!

Well, maybe not.  I’ve got to throw a few things in my pool bag.

Let’s start with sunscreen.  I’m not afraid of the sun, but I don’t want to bake either.  Most conventional sunscreens are loaded with chemicals, some of which have some pretty scary potential side effects.  I was thrilled to discover Raw Elements, an awesome company making extremely natural broad screen sunscreen that is water resistant and reef safe.  And actually good for your skin!  If you use the promo code “happyhealthyandhot” you’ll get 10% off of their already reasonable prices.  Here’s a link:

Raw Elements Sunscreen Promo code “happyhealthyandhot”

I never used to wear sunglasses.  I have dark eyes and the sun just doesn’t really bother me.  But at the pool or beach, they really are important.  The reflection on the water can really make you squint.  So wear your sunglasses…prevent wrinkles from squinting and look cute at the same time.  I love my Ray-Ban aviators!  They are lightweight so I don’t get those annoying marks on my nose.

ray bans

Reading by the pool is such a treat!  Right now I’m reading Good Fat, Bad Fat  by Rome Dolle, a new book from Primal Blueprint Publishing.  I just started but I’ll be sure to give you the scoop when I’m done.  There are also a few issues of Glamour in my bag.  I live for the do’s and don’ts in the back!

You know how I am with my lemon water.  It’s a happy, healthy and hot essential!  Lemon water comes to the pool with me in a cute stainless steel travel cup so I can stay hydrated and give my body a shot of vitamin C to support collagen production.  Win-win!

So, can a well-stocked pool bag help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Of course!  You will be happy spending a gorgeous afternoon at the pool.  Staying hydrated with lemon water and wearing sunglasses are healthy habits.  The ingredients in Raw Elements sunscreen are very nourishing to your skin, and the vitamin C from the lemon water promotes collagen production.  And if you actually get in the water and swim you will get a great workout.  Your glowing skin and fit body will be very hot!

Thanks for reading!  What’s in your pool bag?


Raw Elements Sunscreen   Use the promo code “happyhealthyandhot” for 10% off!

Ray-Ban Aviators

Good Fat, Bad Fat

Lemon Squeezer




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