I’ve been cheating on my Keurig…

with a cute little French press.

I realize I talk about coffee a lot.  What can I say?  Like mascara and pleather, it’s a big part of my life.

Over the years I have tried many devices for making coffee.  My first coffee maker in college was a cute little Krups that just brewed 4 cups.  Later I got a bigger version of the same coffee maker.  Then I had a Cuisinart that ground the beans, filtered the water, and brewed your coffee.  And you could set a timer so you woke up to fresh coffee made from freshly ground beans.  Doesn’t get much better than that.  Thanks Jen…best housewarming gift ever!

french press new
My Keurig is hiding in the background

I also have a Toddy for making cold brew coffee, which is pretty awesome.  And for years, I bought into the convenience of the Keurig.  You can see it in the pic.  That is probably Keurig number three or four…They never seem to last too long.  But I loved the ease of it…coffee ready to go, 24/7!!!

But lately, I’ve been using my French press…for a number of reasons.

It always bugged me that the k-cups weren’t recyclable.  It just seems like a lot of waste.  So I did a little research.  In 2014, almost 10 billion individual coffee pods were sold.  If they were placed end-to-end they would circle the globe 10 times.  No idea who has the time on their hands to figure this stuff out, but that’s a whole lot of plastic ending up in landfills.

With the French press, there is no wasteful plastic cup.  You don’t even need a filter…it’s built right in.

Then there’s the whole health thing with plastic.  I try not to make myself crazy with stuff like that, but I like to be aware.  K-cups are BPA free, but contain other chemicals that could be endocrine disruptors.

With the French press, your coffee is just coming in contact with glass and stainless steel.

The cost of the k-cups really starts to add up, too, especially if you have several coffee drinkers in the house.  Not to mention the cost of the machine, which doesn’t seem to have a very long shelf life.  You can get a nice French press for around $30, and the cost of the coffee is much less, so you can upgrade to organic coffee and avoid the pesticide residue!

And then there’s the taste…sure, there is a huge selection of k-cups available, and some of them are pretty good.  But with a French press you have complete control.  You can buy the freshest beans and grind them yourself.  You can make the coffee as weak or as strong as you like.  I mix regular and decaf so I don’t have too much of a buzz going.

If you’re intimidated by new kitchen equipment (I know sometimes I am) the French press is super easy to use.  Just measure out the amount of ground coffee you want and put it in the bottom.  Depending on how strong you like your coffee, most people use one to two tablespoons of coffee for every six ounces of water.  I like mine strong!

Bring your water to a boil and pour the appropriate amount in.  I measured the first few times, now I just eyeball it.

Stir a bit, put the press top on, and let it sit for about four minutes. Then you gently plunge the press down, which separates the grounds from the coffee.  And you are ready to go!  Pour it into a cute mug and enjoy!

I actually pour mine right into the Vitamix and blend it up with coconut oil, liquid stevia, and Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides.  If you’ve been following me for awhile you know I love the way the collagen peptides have improved my skin and nails.

Now this may seem like a lot of steps.  I set my French press up the night before so I don’t even need to think in the morning.  And every now and then, I admit to using the Keurig when I’m really in a hurry.  Don’t make yourself crazy…if the Keurig makes you happy it’s not the end of the world.

If you want to try a French press, Bodum is the most common brand.  They are readily available at places like Target.  There is a super cute one on Amazon that comes in bright green…wish I had checked there first!  Lime green Bodum French press.

So, can making your morning coffee in a French press help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Of course it can!  You will be happy enjoying a wonderful cup of coffee made exactly the way you like it.  Avoiding the chemicals present in the k-cups helps you stay healthy.  And if you blend your coffee with the coconut oil and collagen peptides, your gorgeous skin, hair and nails will be very hot!





6 thoughts on “I’ve been cheating on my Keurig…

  1. You have literally described my coffee evolution! I’m on Keurig number three, number three being the 2.0 and I couldn’t be more meh about it. It actually seems more and more obnoxious the longer I opt for one of two French presses every morning. I am steadily working up the courage to cut the cord (and plastic and expense and fussiness). A French press has quickly become a satisfying part in my morning routine. It’s something so small but feels like one of those things that takes a moment and feels like I’m taking care of myself vs plopping a plastic pod in and getting coffee in an instant.

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  2. I thought only I have 4 coffee makers at home, whenever my mom visits my home, always ask, why you have so many machines when you mostly use French press. I started with French press but I thought why do manual work when loads of machine are there so I bought MR Coffee drip machine, but still for that I need to grind my own beans, so I bought cuisinart 900, My husband drink a lot coffee so he bought a Keurig machine for quick coffee. But in last we both found, we only use these machines when we need a quick coffee but whenever we have some free time, we use only French press, To be honest French press coffee taste much batter then these and also good to brew best cold brew. If anyone looking for French press, you can check this list.

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  3. Olivia, totally agree!!! The coffee in the French press just tastes so amazing that it is always my first choice, unless I am really in a hurry. And now I’m planning to try it to make cold brew. Never even thought of that!!!


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